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Wallace River, November 2007

My buddy Thao hooked and landed a nice chrome hatchery brat hen with his spey rod swinging a fly in the right location.  I am still on the hunt for my first steelhead someday!

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Chico Creek: November 6, 2006

We had a blast fishing at Chico for the Chum run.  Chums typically run heavy on the even numbered years and we ended up having a blast with multiple hook ups at the mouth.

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Fish Porn – No Skin but lots of Scales!

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Snow Crabbing: Christmas, 2008

Thao and I are the only yahoos stupid enough to venture out. We were the only ones, the people of the ferry boats were looking at us in amazement or stupidity. 17 degrees and limited out with Mr. Dungeness.  There was no one else brave enough to trailer a boat and launch on the icey ramp, but we were hungry for some crab!  We even hooked a couple of Lings and had a blast.

This wasnt bad…when the snow started coming in at 330 pm and low tide was worse. The takeout in Lake Washington was bad with ice all the way to the edge of the water. The invisible Fly FishermanIt was nice up until Thao dumped the pot of Kimchee Ramen all over the inside of the boat.  He had to wait for the thaw to get MSG soup base and frozen Udon noodles out of this bilge pump. Does the background look familiar?I hooked a rock

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Tacoma Narrows Fishing Report: 01/03/2009

Wow, I gotta get used to writing 09 on the reports from now on. Ok, theres been alot of good reports for the Resi Coho action in the south sound. We decided to venture out this morning for a few hours of cold to try our luck. Left the house at 8 am to pick up my friend at 8:30, hit the beach by 8:45. Minutes later, we were geared up and in the water. We both had purchased the Orvis stripping boxes and I was pleasantly delighted at the performance. I though Leland was pulling my leg, telling me the angle and shape of the cones came from a Harvard scientist/consultant to Orvis. Anyways, great box, if you don’t have one, go pick one up. I think this has made my Kennebec mesh/collapsible stripping bag obsolete. High tide was 948, and it was a 13′ positive, so the current was pretty good and we immediately spotted surface feeders. We werent alone, when we arrived at the parking lot there was two other fly anglers on their way down to the water, and 4 others already in the water, casting away. It wasn’t long until several other fly anglers showed up and were in the feeding zone of the hungry juvenile Coho. I was using my 10′ 6wt. GLX Classic that I overlined with a Cortland Clear Camo 8 wt. line. Don’t gawk! This rod can throw the line with ease and I was tossing some nice casts and into the feeding zone. After about 30 minutes of casting, I was into my first first, a small but lively one, I’d noticed that he or she had been hooked once maybe more times before as there was some of its right upper lip that had come frayed from a errant barb. I photographed, released and proceeded to cast again at the feeding melee. About 10 minutes later, was into my 2nd fish, a bigger one, I didn’t photograph that one, but wanted to get back out in search of the bigger biters that were showing themselves about 60-70 feet out. Then, my buddy hooked up, with his first Resi, that wasn’t 3″. Turned out to be an average fish, photo herein. Im glad he hooked up, since he was fishing with a new rod, and new stripping box, doubling the new equipment jinx. After a couple of hours past high tide, we decided to leave since we were both cold and hungry. I thought things were colder than usual as when I got out and started walking back to the truck I could tell some water worked its way into the wader. DARN! Same with my buddies foot portion of his waders. These things don’t last more than two seasons for me, so off they’ll go and my backups will come out to fish another day. We stopped at our favorite Korean soup restaurant for a warm up and then to Sportco where I picked up some tying material and a new Hummingbird portable sonar. Im looking forward to the springtime chironomid fishing already! We were both glad to get into the first fish of the new year.
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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Jan. 22-28th, 2009

What a fantastic trip of a lifetime to get out and enjoy some sun, surf, golf, ATV riding, Jetskiing, and our course FLY FISHING! My wife and I had a spendid time.  I know its not Washington, but when you have a harsh winter, cold, rain and snow many of my peers escape the drab and head south to places like Cabo!!!  I highly recommend it and will be heading back in the near future.  We ended up using mileage, so the tickets were cheap.  Pricelined the hotel @ $50 a night, right on the Marina (Tesoro Hotel), ate locally very inexpensively as well as had our favorite restaurant (Solomon’s Landing) prepare our fish 4 different ways! All for $10 per person including all the sides. We managed to visit a couple of time share presentations and received our activities for free with the exception of the second day of guided fishing.  I highly recommend Ramon Druck, he operates his boat the “Cheers” and knows a bit about fly fishing and searching for fish.  We boated 11 Dorado on the outing and I had one Sierra Mackeral as well.  Some really tasty fish. I owe my success to Gilbert Chen and Les Johnson for turning me onto this wonderful fishery.

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Superbowl Sunday Steelheading on the Sky

Thao and I decided to take a break and head up to Highbridge and work a couple of runs in search of some Winter Natives, but as the story so commonly goes.  Steelhead 10,000, fisherman 0!  It was cold, and I donned my new Sportco ski mask that was purchased for 0.99 cents!

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Green River Float Trip: Whitney to Highway 18 2/11/09

It was a nice day to head out on a float in search of the ellusive Steelhead.  No steelhead were found but we saw alot of Eagles, and a dead Cutthroat trout that was pretty decent sized.  Todd Baxter did manage to land a small Bow with a puff egg pattern, nymphing through some classic looking riffles.  Nearing the end of the float near the cable crossing, there is a hidden log in which I managed to hit and almost put Todd into the cold water.  Good thing we didn’t lose anyone or anything this trip. 

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Cle Elum River fishing report: Jan. 27, 2009

So, Mr. Decker was all fired up to do some fishing, he always calls me up on a whim and says, “dude, we gotta go steelheading!” Then proceeds to tell me to meet him off the highway, so we can cram in a few hours of tossing bugs back feverishly into the froth of mud and high water. Actually, I thought he was crazy, but after spending a few days off the water and in the house all weekend, I thought, what the heck, we’ll go for a drive, find a blown out river and return back home. The drive over Snoqualmie Pass was pleasant, the roads were mostly dry but it was warm, temp. measured 47, and the snow left on the sides of the road were melting big time. Lake Katchelus was still mostly frozen but the inlet was clear from I-90 towards the mouth for a few hundred yards. Hopefully, spring is close and right around the corner, cause, Im tired of this and ready for some sun. Well, sun is what we had, once we passed Easton, the weather started getting better with blue skys and clean air. Ever wonder how just getting out within a hour of Seattle can lift your spirits, especially when you’re in the mountains and having the sunbeams on your face? I loved it!

We pulled off the highway and made our way hiking in a good distance in thick and heavy snow to finally reach the river, which was looking pretty darn good compared to a week ago when everything was like a cold mug of chocolate milk topped with sticks, leaves and trash. We didn’t have much time, so I rigged up my standard nymphing set up and proceeded to work the runs that looked absolutely amazing. After about 15 minutes of working it, we crept upstream and methodically worked several runs, with no avail. We finally hit a point where we knew it was the half way mark, since we only had about 30 minutes of daylight left. I systematically worked a nice pool behind a large boulder with a size 12 stonefly, two medium splits and my thingamabobber. Then the moment came… WHAM, the indicator went down and I set the rod downstream. The flash of silver glory was enough to get my heart racing as the small trout tossed and turned trying to spit the nymph that was buried in the corner of its jaw. I thought it was a small tike judging the size of the river, but it ended up being a pleasant 12″ surprise Rainbow and put a smile of my face. We didn’t end up finding any steelhead, but this little bow managed to make all my worries and stress go away for that moment in time. I worked the run and alternated with Jason to try and entice another one to take, but just had one more small one, 7″ take my stonefly and that was it. All in all, a nice outing even if it was for a few hours, a good distraction, some sunshine, and even a nice bacon burger and a beer to end the day.

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Welcome to Washington Fishing!

Hello and welcome to the best source of collective reports from real fisherman in Washington State.   I found that through the internet searches that I was surfing through many websites to locate information that I needed to determine if I would go fishing.  I will try to keep the site regularly posted with new information so that members can quickly locate and find great places to fish in our Evergreen state.  Hope you enjoy the site!  – Yellowlab

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