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Unfortunate Fishing Accident

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Ruddock’s Dam BC stillwater experience.

So I got an invite to go fish up in BC from a friend of mine who lives in Vancouver, but Im on the fence about going. What do you think I should do and would it be ‘tight’ with 10 anglers on a small 50 acres lake?

Ruddocks Dam

“Gentlemen: I would like to invite you guys to come up and fish with us at Ruddock’s Damfrom May 22 – 24. The approximate cost for this three day two night¬†trip will be nightly $325/person if ten of us go. This will include the rental of the house (large kitchen, hot tub, views overlooking the Fraser River),fishing for three days, and I think the use of their four jon boats. Since this is a private lake, there’s also the possiblity that there will be no need to have a valid BC fishing license. A little about the lake… I know the caretaker, Fred, because of our website, and he is a friend of a friend. Fred’s friend is the one who owns the property as well as the property next to it. If we book the place, and our party is between 8 to 10 guys, then Fred has said he will reserve the whole place just for our party…meaning we get the whole lake to ourselves! The size of the lake is 50 acres, average depth is 28 feet, and it’s like one large shoal. There are strong hatches ofpretty much everything…from chironomids to Mayflies, caddis, damsels and dragons. There’s also a strong population of leeches and boatmen. There is a natural creek that the fish can spawn in, the population is wild and self-sustaining. He limits the number of anglers to 10/day. Electric motors only, single barbless fly, and Catch and Release. Now to the good part… This lake was probably created for agricultural use in the past, and has never really received much fishing pressure. It was originally stocked by the original owners way back in the 1920’s…with rainbows. Those bows are wild, not hatchery fish, spawning and self sustaining through the inlet creek. Those bows have grown due to the abundant feed, and their average size is over 18″…with many in the five pound range. It is not unusual to catch a twelve pound fish, and the best fish last year was a shade under 16 pounds! Fred said that on his last fishing trip there, a four pound fish hit his fly about 40 feet away, quickly took the rest of his flyline and an additional 90 yards of backing on the first run! He says there are no head shakers in this lake, they all fight hard. Once a year my friends and I try to get out and fish together, and this year we have decided to fish this lake. It’s a pay to play lake, but has huge WILD bows in it instead of hatchery mutant duds. These fish sound even better than triploids to me…and I’m quite excited to go check it out. We’d love for you guys to be able to come out with us…please let me know ASAP if you are coming. I will get a final price soon so that I can start to collect money fromthose committed to going, since they require a deposit. The website for this place is still in its infancy…there’s only one page so far. They will get more info on it soon… ¬†Cheers! Stone”

I know from an owners perspective they want to pump it up as much as possible, but with 10 guys fishing and only 50 acres, it’ll be tight, with 2 acres per angler, with those areas near the inlet likely to be clogged with anglers and high fishing pressure. I’m on the fence regarding this trip, especially since its a pay for play lake, what do you guys think?

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