Pimp My Pram…

So, I guess I have a boat addiction and can’t seem to get away from anything that floats. My newest addition to stillwater arsenal is a 60’s or maybe 70’s vintage Sears 10′ welded aluminum pram. I picked it up for cheap from a guy from WashingtonFlyFishing.com Really nice guy named Jeff up in Everett, he is a diehard chironomid fisherman and was selling alot of gear as he was liquidating his excess inventory of boats, rod, lines, and stuff that was lying around. I guess the adage of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is totally true. The boat was his father’s and it’d been well used but loved over the decades. I love the fact that this boat is light, maybe 50-55 lbs and I can car top it on my roof rack. This enables me to trailer my Koffler as well as car top this lightweight pram on my roof and fish the Eastern Washington and BC lakes in 2009. I bought it as a project that was easy to upgrade, which will include Scotty anchor pullers, Quick release seat mount and a new comfortable seat. The oars are a little sketchy, but they will do for what I am going to use it for: Car Topping, ferrying over to the Salt, and having it as a spare boat for my friends and those who otherwise wouldn’t have a pram to fish from. I believe that the only real way to fish the stillwater is with a pram. You can stay dry, carry alot of gear, have your lunch, relieve yourself, all without pulling anchor and going to shore. It also is advantageous to stay warm and hopefully will be easy on the MPG when topping. I guess Im a sucker for boats and love the romaticism of the being out in the water and being able to enjoy fishing from the comfort and stability of a boat versus in a float tube or a pontoon boat. I was never really sold on pontoon boats as the fact that I like to have all my stuff with me and the idea of dropping a rod into the water is always possible if you’re not paying attention. Here are some pics…

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