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Beda Lake: Tom H’s. report from 3/19/09

Reprinted with permission from Tom H.~


I couldn’t find anyone to go fishing with me Thursday. Paul was there the day before and Gil was there on Tuesday. I decided to go by myself. It’s been a while since I’ve ventured to the eastside alone and the first time this year to cross the Pass. I’ve had a couple of perilous fishing trips with snow the last couple of years. This time the Pass was balmy 34 degrees and rainy and the temperature was only suppose to rise. I arrived at the lake around 10:30. (I got a late start) There already 10 vehicles in the lot. No problem, there was room and fish enough for all of us. From previous reports from Paul and Rex I may run into ice but the air temperature was in the upper 40’s and probably rose to the mid 50’s during the day. Just gorgeous spring day! This was the first trip that I didn’t have to wear heavy jacket. It sure makes casting easier.

I kicked through a shallow channel. The lake opened up before me. There a least 15 tubers, pontooners and one drift boat dotting the lake. Most were casting toward shore and stripping in. I stayed behind them, casting a crystal micro leech with a type VI sinktip line into water greater than 10 feet. I quickly pick up a hard fighting fish. I continue with this technique and landed several more 18 in fish. I was amazed on how hard all the trout fought. Also all the fish were 18 inches or larger. I thought Rex, Paul and Gil would have hooked so many of these fish that they would not fight as well. I have one savage hit but it came off. For about 15 minutes I didn’t get any more strike. I thought that strange until I check my fly and it was missing. I don’t know how many casts I made without a fly. A Word to the wise fisherman: Check your fly!

I made my way to the NE bay. As entered the bay I made a cast toward the little island and started stripping in. Three strips and then my line just stopped. Line began peeling off the reel and in seconds into my backing. After a 5+ minute fight I released a 22 incher perfectly shape. It had thick shoulders like it was on steroids. I wish I had my camera. This fish was 5 of 7 (My Borg designation system for labeling fish. Trekkies know what I’m talking about) This was the fifth fish landed of seven fish I had on. 7 of 9 was also memorable because it also was 22 inches and took over five minutes to landed. Things started to slow down so I switched newest tactic, a jig leech under a strike indicator. Right off the bat I had my first take down. This fish exploded out of the water and continued to jump 9 more times. 9 of 11 reminded me of those slow motion videos of tarpon jumping where they burst out of the water, gills flaired, writhing and twisting in the air. I think the water temperature and having a good winter have made these fish fighting maniacs. The water temperature was 45 degrees. From my day of raising salmon for my school, the fisheries biologist told me to keep the tank water temperature at 45 degrees for optimum health. I landed several more fish this way but this technique also went dead so I started another one of my favorite techniques, shallow water chironomid fishing. I parked myself about 50 feet the reeds on the shoreline. Set up my two chironomids, 3 feet and 5 feet below my indicator. Soon I was playing more fish. My final tallying was 17 of 21, not the 40-50 plus fish of Rex and Paul’s trips but very respectable and you don’t want to make fishing too easy. This was my best trip this year and all by myself. Or was I all by myself?

Jesus said, “I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” I was able spend a day with the Creator in His creation.

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