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Crab and Clam Fest 2009

So, its been a while since I posted in my blog about all the fun we’ve been having in our Puget Sound. Since there was a recently free weekend for fishing in Washington state, June 6-7th. I thought it’d be fun to gather a group of family and friends and head south to our favorite clamming beach near Purdy and collect our limits of Manillas and Butter clams. While Im not too fond of the wild oysters, my wife was bold enough to try one out that was freshly shucked and slurped up. The oyster surprisingly not too fishey tasting and had a creamy smooth texture. Definitely not as good as the Shigakus or the Kumamotos, but decent. I should’ve collected a few more for the deep fryer, but I much more enjoy the flavor of the Manila clams.

Here is my simple recipe for steamed garlic clams.

1. Half a stick of butter
2. Minced garlic, about 8 cloves
3. 2 cups of white wine
4. 3 tablespoons of course ground mustard

Melt the butter in a big pot, brown the garlic, add mustard, top off with the wine, bring to a boil. Add the clams and steam until all the shells are opened. Enjoy with some baguette bread and wine!

Since marine area 10 isn’t open up for a couple more weeks, we were craving some Dungees. When I want inexepensive and fresh live crab, I visit Lam’s seafood located in the International District of Seattle’s China town. THere I can find lots of fresh fish and cheaper than the box grocery stores. Lams’ is located off 4th and King Street. The Dungees happened to be $4.59 a lb, not bad for live crab! We accented our dinner with some great Shrimp Ceviche’ and bbq’d corn on the cob c/o of Sean and Amy H. and rustic seasoned potatos and fresh french bread from Tom and Gaelyn. A nice Chateau St. Michelle Riesling and then a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir pairing also complemented our dinner.

The next purchase Im going to make is with a big turkey frying pot with outdoor propane burner. This will come in handy for all my seafood cravings. This day, we borrowed our friends’ equipement and it sure did come in handy to boil up 5 Dungees in a snap.

Im looking forward now to July 1st, for the season opener of inner Elliot Bay. Where I’ll be taking the new boat out, dropping a couple crab pots and trolling around for King Salmon. Hopefully we’ll have another feast of King and Dungees!!!

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New addition to our family

OK, so it sounds like the Koffler is going to be history tomorrow morning, when a gentleman from Whidbey is coming to take delivery of it. I am sure glad that I didn’t have to drive down to Eugene to make the delivery for the other fellow who wanted to drive up from Sacramento. Im also glad that it is staying here in the Northwest. The Koffler had some good fish karma and I hope the new owner gets to use her often.

I’ve been wanting a saltwater boat for a couple of years, as I’ve never owned a motor boat let alone one that is equipped to take out in the sound and possibly to Neah Bay. After ready Dennis Dicksons stories about bucktailing for Coho, it got my lips a smackin’ and ready to chase Silvers in open water. Here is the article for reference.

I ended up picking up Gil’s Tiderunner. Its a 15′ cuddy with tons of freeboard and a 20 degree V. Its a little jumpy on the bow, but I want to add a fuel tank in the cuddy to help weigh it down and also add range. I also put on my Honda 5 hp 4 stroke wihch I’d picked up last year and used a few times on the Koffler. The Honda is going to be a nice kicker for downrigging for Kings and a good backup in case anything goes wrong with the main motor. The main motor is a 2001 2 stroke Yamaha 50 in pristine condition. The motor burn clean and its quieter than some 4 strokes I’ve been in, I am amazed by the performance and the longevity of the Yamaha outboards. I went through the whole boat, electrical, safety, mechanicals to make sure she is ready to go, safe and reliable. The last thing I want is something bad to happen in the open water.

A couple of things that I am going to add to the bow is a Rip Tide Minn Kota foot mounted electric trolling motor, the kind that the bass guys use. This will allow keeping the boat at the right angle while two fly fisherman cast from the boat. I also want to fabricate a cast brace of sorts, to allow the bow angler to safely position themselves and be able to cast to spotted fish.

If anyone has any ideas on what to do, I would love to hear your suggestions. Also, any other suggestions to have on board would also be appreciated.

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Larrabee State Park: June 14th, 2009

My wife and I wanted to get away for some camping, hiking and sight seeing, so we loaded up and headed north to Chuckanut Drive. Its a scenic setting with views of the San Juans and of Samish bay. We were lucky to find the last spot with a reservation but it was a bit distracting with the road noise (motorcyclists, train tracks nearby) and the screaming kids and the birds early in the a.m. Bad on me for forgetting my earplugs. I enjoy camping much more with an eye patch and the plugs!

We stopped by the Taylor Shellfish Farm, located on WA-11, Chuckanut drive for some fresh oysters and crab!!! YuMM. The couple of hikes we did were the beach front hike and the second day we did the viewpoint and Fragrance Lake hikes. A great short daytrip getaway, but don’t know if I’d stay in the park next time.

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Lake Sammamish Smallmouth: June 4th, 2009

Jeff H. is a fanatical flyfisherman, when I mentioned my buddy went fishing for smallmouth in Lake Sammamish, his eyes lit up like that sword weilding cat from Shrek looking all googly eyed. Jeff also grew up small mouth fishing, during his time in California, he spent time fishing for bass and other creatures that would be willing to grab his baits. He also has a nice jet boat which he uses for trout, salmon and for small mouth fishing in Washington and Oregon.

Today, he invited me to fish with him for these green finned friends. I wasn’t too thrilled about throwing a spinning rod, as its been years since I’ve really was pretty good with my accuracy, but I guess its like riding a bike. After a few flips, it felt good to throw that floating lure. We met up at 5:30 just as the park keeper was opening up the gate, I was suprised to see a waiting line of other fisherman to reddy to launch.

We motored out and fished for a couple hours with little success. When Jeff told me to give it a throw near that wood piling, I did, and was rewarded with a small male smallie. Probably was very territorial and instinctively went for that top water bait. I was hoping that it would be the beginning for good fishing for me, but sad to say, that was it for the day. Jeff landed two nicer fish. he first was a decent Largemouth Bass, and the second was a 3 lb female Smallmouth.

We tried another spot with a fish hitting my lure, Jeff missed a couple more, and then we called it quits as the sun was peaking and the fish were probably on guard. Water surface temp was warm, 70, wind was calm, not too many other fisherman sighted, but alot of skiers and wakeboarders readying themselves at the launch. We made it back around 9:45 to the boat ramp and called it a day.

I did try my fly rod for a few casts, but without much action on the spinning gear, it was more energy to cast the rod without as much speed or precision of the spinning gear.

Hopefully, will be able to try it again when it ‘heats up’ as Jeff mentioned, and perhaps I’ll be able to coax a bigger one to take my fly.

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