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Lake Sammamish Smallmouth: June 4th, 2009

Jeff H. is a fanatical flyfisherman, when I mentioned my buddy went fishing for smallmouth in Lake Sammamish, his eyes lit up like that sword weilding cat from Shrek looking all googly eyed. Jeff also grew up small mouth fishing, during his time in California, he spent time fishing for bass and other creatures that would be willing to grab his baits. He also has a nice jet boat which he uses for trout, salmon and for small mouth fishing in Washington and Oregon.

Today, he invited me to fish with him for these green finned friends. I wasn’t too thrilled about throwing a spinning rod, as its been years since I’ve really was pretty good with my accuracy, but I guess its like riding a bike. After a few flips, it felt good to throw that floating lure. We met up at 5:30 just as the park keeper was opening up the gate, I was suprised to see a waiting line of other fisherman to reddy to launch.

We motored out and fished for a couple hours with little success. When Jeff told me to give it a throw near that wood piling, I did, and was rewarded with a small male smallie. Probably was very territorial and instinctively went for that top water bait. I was hoping that it would be the beginning for good fishing for me, but sad to say, that was it for the day. Jeff landed two nicer fish. he first was a decent Largemouth Bass, and the second was a 3 lb female Smallmouth.

We tried another spot with a fish hitting my lure, Jeff missed a couple more, and then we called it quits as the sun was peaking and the fish were probably on guard. Water surface temp was warm, 70, wind was calm, not too many other fisherman sighted, but alot of skiers and wakeboarders readying themselves at the launch. We made it back around 9:45 to the boat ramp and called it a day.

I did try my fly rod for a few casts, but without much action on the spinning gear, it was more energy to cast the rod without as much speed or precision of the spinning gear.

Hopefully, will be able to try it again when it ‘heats up’ as Jeff mentioned, and perhaps I’ll be able to coax a bigger one to take my fly.

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