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Larrabee State Park: June 14th, 2009

My wife and I wanted to get away for some camping, hiking and sight seeing, so we loaded up and headed north to Chuckanut Drive. Its a scenic setting with views of the San Juans and of Samish bay. We were lucky to find the last spot with a reservation but it was a bit distracting with the road noise (motorcyclists, train tracks nearby) and the screaming kids and the birds early in the a.m. Bad on me for forgetting my earplugs. I enjoy camping much more with an eye patch and the plugs!

We stopped by the Taylor Shellfish Farm, located on WA-11, Chuckanut drive for some fresh oysters and crab!!! YuMM. The couple of hikes we did were the beach front hike and the second day we did the viewpoint and Fragrance Lake hikes. A great short daytrip getaway, but don’t know if I’d stay in the park next time.

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