Crab and Clam Fest 2009

So, its been a while since I posted in my blog about all the fun we’ve been having in our Puget Sound. Since there was a recently free weekend for fishing in Washington state, June 6-7th. I thought it’d be fun to gather a group of family and friends and head south to our favorite clamming beach near Purdy and collect our limits of Manillas and Butter clams. While Im not too fond of the wild oysters, my wife was bold enough to try one out that was freshly shucked and slurped up. The oyster surprisingly not too fishey tasting and had a creamy smooth texture. Definitely not as good as the Shigakus or the Kumamotos, but decent. I should’ve collected a few more for the deep fryer, but I much more enjoy the flavor of the Manila clams.

Here is my simple recipe for steamed garlic clams.

1. Half a stick of butter
2. Minced garlic, about 8 cloves
3. 2 cups of white wine
4. 3 tablespoons of course ground mustard

Melt the butter in a big pot, brown the garlic, add mustard, top off with the wine, bring to a boil. Add the clams and steam until all the shells are opened. Enjoy with some baguette bread and wine!

Since marine area 10 isn’t open up for a couple more weeks, we were craving some Dungees. When I want inexepensive and fresh live crab, I visit Lam’s seafood located in the International District of Seattle’s China town. THere I can find lots of fresh fish and cheaper than the box grocery stores. Lams’ is located off 4th and King Street. The Dungees happened to be $4.59 a lb, not bad for live crab! We accented our dinner with some great Shrimp Ceviche’ and bbq’d corn on the cob c/o of Sean and Amy H. and rustic seasoned potatos and fresh french bread from Tom and Gaelyn. A nice Chateau St. Michelle Riesling and then a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir pairing also complemented our dinner.

The next purchase Im going to make is with a big turkey frying pot with outdoor propane burner. This will come in handy for all my seafood cravings. This day, we borrowed our friends’ equipement and it sure did come in handy to boil up 5 Dungees in a snap.

Im looking forward now to July 1st, for the season opener of inner Elliot Bay. Where I’ll be taking the new boat out, dropping a couple crab pots and trolling around for King Salmon. Hopefully we’ll have another feast of King and Dungees!!!

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