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When Pink Meets Green: 9/2/09

Two days before the full moon and the fish are going crazy. I’ve scoped out the East channel for the past three weeks trying to predict when I’d be able to witness this madess again. It was two years ago when I was introduced to this fishery and experienced the fury from a driftboat launched under the Spokane street bridge. With the recent construction and closure to the old launch, I wanted to figure out some new access portals and ended up launching the Tiderunner from Don Armeni in West Seattle. The motor over wasn’t too bad but foggy at 10 am. We arrived at low tide and was greeted by 100 of our closest fishin’ buddies on the dock and on the rocks. Boat traffic wasnt too bad with half a dozen various boats and most everyone was doing well. Despite the numerous fish showing themselves they weren’t in the biting mood and really had to put some zig and zag to the flies in order to ellicit a strike. For that many fish, I should’ve had 50 fish day easily, but it was tough, only landing 17 of them in a few hours. My buddy Jeff H. called and said that he’d been having a good run at a new location, so dad and I decided to pull anchor and head over to meet Jeff. After so many casts into the fish and in their zone, it was evident that they didn’t want our offerings. We met Jeff and the show above the surface wasnt as exciting but within my first several casts, I was into a hot fish. Three more casts, three strikes. The fish for whatever reason decided to turn on the switch and they grabbed most everything that was put in front of their noses. I don’t know if I could estimate how many fish were under us, but I took several photos of the Eagle sonar and there was so much fish activity, it was just amazing to see. By now, I can say that Im a candidate for early age arthritis as my rotater cuff is sore, my forearms are sore, tennis elbow, tendonitis. But I’ll be back Im sure armed with a little more knowledge of what makes these fish tick and how that all plays into the tide, time and location. The new GLX Native Run performed flawlessly, I think I like it slightly better than my classic GLX, only for the lightness. I mated it today with the Galvan T5 and Orvis 7 weight full clear intermediate line.

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