Whats wrong with this picture? 9/6/09

Even though the weather looked frightful, I decided to check on the crab pots this afternoon and decided to make the run from Armeni to my lucky crab spot to pull two pots. The crabbing was lucky, but the run to get back was a bear. Jeff H. and I were being tossed around like a couple of rag dolls in the sound! The run over was a bit harrowing, but we were going with the wind waves, coming back was another story. For those that have boats, note to self, make sure you have all the safety gear and don’t try to be too gutsy and know when to say when. After picking up the pots the goal was to head back to the Duwamish for another stab at the pinks, but this was easier said than done. The wind and the water was so choppy that we had to find shelter in the marina at Elliot Bay Marina at Magnolia and try to wait the storm out. After debating on what to do, I opted to try to make the run by sticking close into the shoreline and timing the roller sets and gunning the motor to get some sort of ground on the relatively short run from West Seattle to Magnolia. We made it to the cruise ships, and then I called it and decided to make our way back to Magnolia and call the Harbormaster to see if it was ok to wait it out overnight. This isn’t the kind of report that I wanted to write, but its a good reminder of discernment and keeping property and life save. Who would think that Elliot Bay would be a harsh environment, but anything can happen and in a small craft like mine, I have to remember to take all the precautions in order to be safe.

The bright side of things is that the crabbing was fantastic, with more than two limits easily, I had to throw a bunch back! The 10 crab was a consolation for the $25 taxi cab ride back to my truck. I’ll be back tomorrow to snatch the boat from Magnolia and if the weather is good, take another stab at the Pinks.

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