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Au Revoir Le Pinque: 9/7/09

I woke up this morning a bit anxious, thinking about the Tiderunner. I’d buttoned it up over that Elliot Bay Marina last night as the weather was just horrible to make the run over. I didn’t know what to expect this morning, as it’d be raining off and on, the rain at times was so hard at the house, that I woke me up during the wee hours. I don’t have an auto bilge on the boat and there was already some standing water when we left her, so the thoughts were racing in my mind on how much water I’d find and how much I’d have to manually purge before getting her back to the trailer. Missing the boat was like missing a child or your dog, its part of you and if something were to ever happen to her, it’d be like taking a piece of flesh from your body. Its a sickness, and I need to get back on track. Newly married, baby on the way, yet I’ve been putting in so much time on the water for these slimey creatures. Most people would think its madness! But thankfully, I have a loving and most understanding wife. And, I have time, the baby isn’t here… yet. So, I figure that I have to get it ‘in’ while I can or else I’ll be regreting it down the road.

After I picked up the boat, I motored out to pick up Jeff H. at Don Armeni and we busted out to the east channel of the Du-Whammy. The Pinks were still around, but nearly not the numbers I’d witnessed from a couple days prior when I fished it with my wife. We moved closer to Spokane Street bridge, and there were still ‘tons’ jumping, finning, splashing and swimming just feet away from the boat.

Patterns were key and clearly our staging patterns worked better than traditional ‘pink’ flies. Still a ton of fish around, several times they spooked and it reminded us of the Chums that stage in front of Chico. That nervous water puts all of them on the move. Probably saw a school of 150, flash in front of us when a guy in an orange pontoon boat rowed over. It was low tide and the fish were doing figure 8’s waiting for tonites high and the cover of darkness to slip on through to the other side. It was an incredible journey to fish and even better documenting this epic run on my blog. We started fishing the run in July at Neah Bay, then moved to Dash Point and when the run about tapered down, we moved to the north to locate fish. I’ve learned alot about their behaivour and how they liked their flies presented. After fishing in the salt, I’ll likely not target them in the rivers and leave them be to spawn. It will be amazing to think how this run will effect the whole ecosystem, Im sure there will be a surge in the Cutthroat population with all the eggs and fry entering and exiting the rivers.

As I washed down the boat, vacuum sealed some more smoked Pink, and boiled the last of the summer season crab, I still never had the opportunity to try a Pink grilled. Maybe I’ll have to get out one more time this week to give one a try. I reminisced this evening on how fortunate we are to be living in this place as there are probably a thousand guys across the country that have never seen a Pink let alone hooked into one. Life is good!

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