Rehab. Day: 9/8/09

A day without fishing, a guy can get alot of stuff done around the house and chores that was badly needed to get done. I stripped down the boats electrical and completely re-wired the tail lights and removed the stereo. The previous LED lights weren’t as water proof as I’d expected and slowly one by one, the LEDs went dead. Saltwater takes its toll on all things metal, so after each trip I methodically rinsed, flush, scrub, and hose down all my gear. This includes, flies, pliers, nets, rope, waders, boots, etc… Its alot of work but someone has to do it. I do it, because I enjoy having the vehicle to make that journey possible.

Things do break however, which is the downside of owning a boat. I guess things come in threes, because I had within the last three weeks all sorts of stuff go bad. First the tail lights, good thing I had the original set of Bulb units, which I wired up as a temporary fix until I could exchange the defective LED units. Second was the stereo… its supposed to be MARINE, but when the sound went dead, I suspected a fouled board or shorted with water contact, and the sound is no more. It powers up, but no sound. I contacted Cabelas, and they said they would replace it for no charge, SCORE! So, I spent some time taking out the dead unit, cleaning up some wiring and prepping it for return. Lastly, on Monday, when I picked up the boat from Elliot Bay Marina, upon re-installing the GPS/Sounder, two of pins on the main unit bent upon insertion and somehow damaged the unit. The screen was fluttering, and when I tried to power up. DEAD. Me and electrical, whats up with this boat???? No problem, I call up Lowrance, they give me a return authorization # and today the unit is off via UPS under warranty. Hopefully that is IT for any issues. Last week I repacked the hubs, re-tightened my trailer ball, checked the trailer for structural soundness and made sure that I had all the safety gear on board.

My body has been so sore from the physicality of fishing and boating. It sound easy and relaxing by most people, but all the moving, casting, fighting, netting, cleaning, filleting, brining, smoking, bending, lifting, hoisting all put my neck, back and arms into a state of needing more Ibuprofin. Today I decided to go get a massage, which was THE best decision that I made. I’d seen a place in Bellevue, they’d just opened up and often I’d see Asian guys in blue shirts waiving a big sign with $25 massage for 1 hour. I thought it was some kind of joke, but today I decided to give it a try. The place is called CHINA SPA, and they specialize in Chinese Reflexology of the feet. I was just thinking that it was going to be a glorified pedicure with foot massage, but turned out to be a nice relaxation and tension reliever. For $25, the massage included a 30 minute foot massage, and 30 minute body massage, with back, neck emphasized, just what I needed! ‘Linda’ was the only massuese without a client, this is all legit, with all the massage recliners set in the location in plain site. I wondered if she was going to be strong being a woman, but man, I was wrong.

This massage isn’t for the faint at heart, as its a full blown Shiatsu session that will leave you wincing, howling, and even tearing in pain. Often I wanted to ease up or stop, but at the same time, I wanted it to continue. It was just what I needed and totally worth the $25, plus I gave her $5 as a tip for taking all the knots out of my back and neck. This will be my regular monthly stop from now on, its a little luxury that I don’t mind spending.

I also took some time to report our Summer Crab catch cards as the Dungee season is now closed. It’d be a good season for us, with a couple dozen legal Dungees that came to our table and fed our family and friends. I had to also buy a new salmon catch record card, as I’d filled most of it with the Neah Bay trip and all the Pink fishing we’ve been doing. I guess I don’t mind throwing the state another $12 for a new card, but I should start charging for my smoked salmon instead of giving it away to help offset the fuel, launch, tackle, and broken electronics fund.

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2 thoughts on “Rehab. Day: 9/8/09

  1. Jonathan

    Or you could start taking “clients” out in the boat to help offset those expenses as well…

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