Pinks still pouring in?!??!?! 9/10/09

I thought I was done with fishing for the slimers but I’d been hearing about fising still around the east channel of the Duwamish, so I decided to head out today to give it another try. Today, Lisa R. joined me today as she’d been trying to connect with a Pink but hadn’t been successful. I’d done some intel the day before, driving over to Spokane Street, I saw the usual crowds of snaggermen, and other fishermen doing their usual jiggin’ and plopping. One very interesting note that I saw was fish jumping at the launch and all along inner Elliot as we headed towards the Duwamish. This indicated that there were still some straggling schools of fish and the run as we previously thought to be ‘done’ was still pouring in.

As we passed a bay, I notice alot of activity and we slipped in to have a closer look.

I dropped anchor in about 40 feet of water and moments later Lisa was onto her first fish. She was all smiles and excited to have finally landed her first Pink on the fly rod. I had strung up my St. Croix Imperial 9′ 5 wt., which is a great rod with medium fast action. It was lined up with the Orvis clear full intermediate line, in a 6 wt. that I believe is a good balance for beginners, so its easier to load the road and feel the cast. The reel was a Galvan T-5 bronze, that has seen its years of war scars, but still a fantastically smooth and ultra reliable reel.

It was a beautiful morning sunrise, followed by another epic day on the water. I probably broke my previous records of landed fish, but who was counting? Lisa did hook and land into the 20+ fish range, this girl CAN fish, and would put some of my fellow guy flyfisherman to shame. I won’t mention any names, but you know who you are!

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2 thoughts on “Pinks still pouring in?!??!?! 9/10/09

  1. Andrew Schweitzer


    Thanks for showing Lisa an excellent or if I may say remarkable day on the water. Days like that are special in the sound. I am proud of Lisa for her newly acquired fishing prowess. She can fish and loves it too. Lucky me. Best of luck in the salt.


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