I am REALLY done, well Done! 9/12/09

Mike R. and I originally planned to head out to the Oly Penn today but ended up being so wiped out from the day prior, that we decided to take it easy today, wake up late… for me at 4 am, and enjoy the sunshine. Since our plan was foiled for Coho, we leisurely decided to make another trek out to the Duwamish for some more Pink fun. Mike had a wonderful time the day prior and hooked his first salmon on the fly, so he was feeling the Pink Fever and was salivating at the idea of getting that pull like most addicts do.

We launched at 11:30 and got to our location by noon and set up and ready to fish. It was a slower start, but eventually the fish cooperated and it turned out to be another memorable day. The best part the day was when we returned to the launch and the guide from Three Rivers Marine asked how we did on the fly, since he and his client only had a few fishing buzz bombs. I said between 30-40 and he looked at us and drove off.

What else can I say, Im still loving this… and tomorrow we’re getting up at 3:30 and busting out for low tide and incoming fish. Stay tuned for the report. In the meantime, you can see how I like to fillet my salmon, butterfly style!

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