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Smoked Salmon Extravaganza and more Pinks? 9/16/09

A local pub in West Seattle, Beveridge Place was the venue for yesterdays meeting of fellow fly fisherman to sample the different techniques of smoked Pink Salmon. Paul Dieter, Brad, Dave, Steve, Kevin, Lang, Mary, and myself met up with various samples. Among those were traditional wet and dry brines, those flavored with Coriander, Lavender and other herbs and spices. It was quite a spread with some nice local garden tomatos, some firery pickled chili peppers from Steve’s kitchen and local beers and some interesting Chinese cigarettes from Shanghai called Chunghwa.

We chatted about our experiences with the Pinks and awesome it was to be living in a place that allows us to eat our quarry just minutes from our homes. The conversations were stimulating, with times of laughter. Im glad that Mr. Dieter invited me out to join in and put a face to the online avatar.

Prior that day Jeff H. and I ventured to the Skykomish in search of the ellusive and lock jawed Coho. We attempted to unlock the combination, but even on this day it was tough to even heard up a Pink. I landed two bucks that chased my Cluster Candy. I much more enjoyed the pursuit of them in the salt, when they were fresh, bright and aggressive. It was a good change of pace, to enjoy the beautiful summer day and the low clear and cool water of the Skykomish.

Tomorrow, Im heading back to the Oly Penn in search of more Coho. My buddies Sun Y. and Tony K. will join me in the race where we’ll be chasing the Silver medal.

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