CoHo MoJo: 9/18/2009

It’d almost been a week since I visited the Oly Penn and I was wanted to feel a massive tug of a dime bright. Today, I invited Sun Y. and Tony K. along for the ride, a tight one that it was since we took the Toyota. We busted out of Seattle at 5 am, got to our location and made our way to the river. The tide was going out, but it didn’t seem to worry me too much as I thought there would be a push of fish once the sun mades its appearance. And push it was! Wave after wave, school after school. This action lasted until the incoming tide, and then we’d have enough and decided it was time to pack it up.

I set Tony up with my Scott A2 8 wt. Rio versitip, with salmon tip and Black Egg sucking leech. My set up was similar, but I wish I would have tried a full intermediate line, as I think it would have brought a few more fish to hand. We met up with some fellas who had came up from Tacoma and fished it for the first time. They really had a good time, easily limiting out and some big bucks that was worthy of a photo opp.

One pretty amazing thing that I found was a coughed up Sand Lance from the last fish I kept. In the three years that I’ve been fishing this fishery it was my thought that these fish weren’t feeding, but the fresh Sand Lance gave me hope that these fish are evolving. There has been a distinct difference the taste of this years fish, the color, and the texture as well. These fish would compare to the Neah Bay fish that we caught in last July, and were amazing good, fresh, grilled and even raw.

Im not sure when I’ll be back next, but you can bet that I’ll be thinking about it and wondering how I’ll be able to get back out for another stab at these wonderful dime brite fish.

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One thought on “CoHo MoJo: 9/18/2009

  1. that’s some good times right there….nice

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