Two Broken Rods, two limits of fish, what more could you ask for? 9/21/09

I’d met up with Charles W. at a birthday party on Sunday and he mentioned that he’d like to head out to fish for Coho as my reports have been very good and that the fish were chrome bright and especially tasty. We decided to bust out of town on the 5:40 ferry and make our way towards the 101 en route to the beach in time for the outgoing tide. The saying that the early bird gets the worm definitely wasn’t the case for today. We probably would have done better by sleeping in and heading out around 8 am.

Since the tide was still in when we hiked down to our spot, and didn’t see much activity, we decided to explore another location to the West for clues on where these fish were hiding. After finding the public access trail and walking for several hundred yards, it became evident that there were no fish in that section of the river.

We decided to high tail it back to our first location and wait out the tide change. I really like to fish this area on the low low tide, especially two hours before the low and two hours post low, on the flood. It pushes the fish in waves, and the incoming has been predictably good. Once the tide lowered the fish were on the move and I almost immediately picked up a nice 10+ lb buck. And then shortly after another buck, but smaller of around 8 lbs.

Charles was having a bit of a more difficult time, and then it happened. Just as he went to make a cast, the tip of his Sage XP folded in half and blew up. He was looking around wondering what’d happened and I told him “hey, you’re rod broke”. He was like “HUH?” What a time for this to happen, just as schools of fish were swarming around. I gave him my keys and told him to make the mile long hike back to the truck and grab my backup rod and rush back ASAP.

Once he got back and re-strung up with the new rod, the fish were all over the place. I made a few casts, and then wham-O I had a nicer hen that put a decent bend to my GLX Classic 8 wt. I thought it had it under control and then SNAP!!!! My rod taco’d like a toothpick at the second section closest to the handle. DARN! Those were the exact words that came out of my mouth, but my immediate thoughts were that this was God’s way of making me suffer by watching my friend fish the rest of the day with my rod. That wasn’t going to be an acceptable option, so I thought of piecing one of the sections of Sage to the GLoomis, which didn’t work since the Loomis rods have smaller diameter graphite. What I did end up doing was taking the 3 pieces from the XP and the top two sections of the GLX and putting them together at the break of the GLX. Surprisingly, it worked! The new Frankenstein of a rod was equivlant to a 11’6″ switch rod. I made a couple of false casts and decided to continue fishing with the mating.

The action was all jacked up, due to the extra length, but also the action of the two different rods. First of all, it was heavy and my wrist and arms felt it bey the end of the day. Secondly, it felt odd, with a softer and heavier bottom section of the XP and the fast action of the tip top.

I proceeded to catch more fish with the new creation, but I can tell you that it wasn’t the most pleasant or enjoyable casting, but it beats sitting on the shore, while watching wave after wave of fish pass by. I did try to fish with my full clear camo line from Cortland, which I don’t think Im completely sold on this as I prefer a little more of a sink and drop of my fly. I would fish a multi-tip line with a salmon (type3), yellow in the case of RIO, light blue braid for AIRFLO. I think that this puts the fly better into the fish zone and could have help hook and land more fish.

Chuck ended up catching his first salmon at this fishery as he has been trying to hook one of these beauties for a few years now. He was all smiles for the pic. Even though it was clear, warm, and very bright out, these Coho aren’t too bothered by the surroundings and are more influenced by the tides and the conditions.

This may be my close to my last outings to this beach as I’ll be looking for other opportunities and to learn new systems as to enhance my fishing experiences. In the meantime, I don’t mind sending the rod back for repair and having 4 nicely butterflied Coho fillets will be a good reminder of this years run.

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