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A salmon birthday cake: 9/5/09

Today I celebrated the day that mom and dad gave birth to me a few years ago. As I look towards becoming a father myself, I wonder what the future beholds for our family. I only hope that our child will grow to love the outdoors and my passion for flyfishing. My wife asked me what I wanted to do today, and I said that I really wanted her to join me with some time on the water in the hopes of hooking into a few fish. I know fishing for someone who isn’t really into fishing can be perceived as boring, so I wanted to take her somewhere where I knew there would be plenty of activity on the water to even entice her to wet a line. Since my wife doesn’t really cast a fly rod very well, I rigged her up with a light trout rod with 6 lb test, a pink hoochie jig and a little instruction. I was proud of my wife, being in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy and feeling at times nauseous agreeing to be on the water on a cool day and not so nice conditions. She knows how much I love to fish, and it was my wish to have her out with me today.

Not more than a few casts, her rod was doubled over and she had her first fish on, a nice Pink buck. Turns out, that she landed the first fish of the day AND it was the largest! I was completed stunned, but elated to see the smile on her face. Oh, I did hear the comments on the way home about ‘catching the biggest fish of the day’ and ‘catching the first’.

These urban fish are plentiful, but they aren’t quite the biters that you would think. It took alot of changing up on the colors and patterns to induce the strikes. I started with the RIO versitip line with 15′ intermediate tip. I had ZERO hookups with this line, and changed flies several times. I decided to change the line to a full intermediate Orvis wonderline and put on my usual Pink Turd, cast after cast, nothing. I then turned to a black clouser, then things really heated up. Bam, grab, rip and bonked. A few boats came over to see what all the commotion was and some irrate gear fisherman asked me what I was using. I didn’t give up the color, but I said ‘Clouser’ as if it would have even mattered as they were throwing buzz bombs and pink spinner blades without any hookups. The guy looked at me with a puzzled look on his face wondering what a ‘Clouser’ was, one of his companions said ‘Clouser minnow’, he still had a blank look on his face. Im sure trying to figure out if they had any minnow immitations in their tackle box. They crept closer and closer to our boat, but that didn’t matter as those fish weren’t interested in anything Pink and big. Fish after fish I kept hooking and releasing, trying to select the brightest and freshest ones for the fish box.

Then the tide came in and it seems like the bite went off with my trusty black fly. I switched back to the Pink turd, nothing. Then decided to change up to a white Clouser with some crystal flash, first cast, fish. A few casts later another fish, but that was it. I decided that I’d had enough, as my wife was looking cold and hungry. I filleted the fish on board, stuffed a couple of crab pots and then had some fish and chips at the Alki fish and Chips stop. We ended up going to dinner with my parents at Jaks, had a great Ribeye and reminiscing of how lucky I am and how an awesome year its been for me.

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Marine Area 9: 9/4/09, A tough day fishing…

Besides this fish it was a tough tough day for Gil C., Jeff H. and myself as we decided to take a break from the Pink in search of some Silver. I think by the ferry ride back to the city, we were missing the tug and wished that we’d stayed on this side of the fence. We missed the 5:45 ferry and got on at 6:15 am, but didn’t miss much. Very little to no activity on the water, so we decided to hit another beach further north. Met up with Obiwankenobi, aka Bob from and there were a few other fly fishers on the water, but from what I saw, only Obiwan connected and landed a decent hatchery Ho. Jeff H. did momentarily had one on but it quickly came unbuttoned a few seconds later. This weekend I’ll be setting the crab traps out for the last time of the year as the holiday brings the closure for the summer Dungee season. The leaves are changing, the crispness is in the air, Im going to miss the summer and the sunshine, I guess the only thing that will get me through is going back to read the my reports, watch the videos and remember the good times of salmon season.

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Ghetto Fab Pinks: 9/3/09

I had a few hours and wanted to take another stab at the Pinks on the Wamish. Loaded up the 8′ pram and headed out and on the water by noon. Met up with Gil C. and Jeff H. as I was anchored up at the spot where we did well the day prior. The tides were right, but the fish weren’t very cooperative. I ended up with several LDR’s, one loss when the buck wrapped around the anchor line and snapped the hook, not the first time thats happened btw… and only 4 to net today. I was off the water by 3:30 and took the moment to analyze what I did right or wrong. Turns out, it was slow for Jeff and Gil as well, the weren’t too interested in our offerings and not the numbers pressing upstream as we witnessed before. The highlight of the afternoon was seeing a big buck chase down my fly, grab it once, didn’t hook up, twitching the fly again, and watching his mouth inhaled the #6 fly, I set the rod, he shook his head, and pop it was man versus fish. In the end, the fish won… that was the guy that was smart enough to wrap around the anchor line and twist and turn the other way. Ah well… I hope his progeny are as smart as he was. Tomorrow, Gil and I are hitting a Marine Area 9 beach and we’re hoping to get into Coho. I need to get up in a few hours, and have to wake myself up to turn off the batch of smoked salmon I’ve got going on from the two day ago catch, so this report is short and sweet.

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When Pink Meets Green: 9/2/09

Two days before the full moon and the fish are going crazy. I’ve scoped out the East channel for the past three weeks trying to predict when I’d be able to witness this madess again. It was two years ago when I was introduced to this fishery and experienced the fury from a driftboat launched under the Spokane street bridge. With the recent construction and closure to the old launch, I wanted to figure out some new access portals and ended up launching the Tiderunner from Don Armeni in West Seattle. The motor over wasn’t too bad but foggy at 10 am. We arrived at low tide and was greeted by 100 of our closest fishin’ buddies on the dock and on the rocks. Boat traffic wasnt too bad with half a dozen various boats and most everyone was doing well. Despite the numerous fish showing themselves they weren’t in the biting mood and really had to put some zig and zag to the flies in order to ellicit a strike. For that many fish, I should’ve had 50 fish day easily, but it was tough, only landing 17 of them in a few hours. My buddy Jeff H. called and said that he’d been having a good run at a new location, so dad and I decided to pull anchor and head over to meet Jeff. After so many casts into the fish and in their zone, it was evident that they didn’t want our offerings. We met Jeff and the show above the surface wasnt as exciting but within my first several casts, I was into a hot fish. Three more casts, three strikes. The fish for whatever reason decided to turn on the switch and they grabbed most everything that was put in front of their noses. I don’t know if I could estimate how many fish were under us, but I took several photos of the Eagle sonar and there was so much fish activity, it was just amazing to see. By now, I can say that Im a candidate for early age arthritis as my rotater cuff is sore, my forearms are sore, tennis elbow, tendonitis. But I’ll be back Im sure armed with a little more knowledge of what makes these fish tick and how that all plays into the tide, time and location. The new GLX Native Run performed flawlessly, I think I like it slightly better than my classic GLX, only for the lightness. I mated it today with the Galvan T5 and Orvis 7 weight full clear intermediate line.

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