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I didn’t know there were Skunks that associate with Beavers: 11/21/09

Well, the overwhelming urge to wet a line and the sheer rain and blown out rivers was driving me crazy. It’d been a couple of weeks since I was able to fish, so I decided to rig up the prams and head out to Beaver lake with my dad. Jeff H. was already on the lake but there wasn’t much going on when we got on around 11. When Dad and I got to the launch there were two trollers coming off, their report wasn’t too inspiring. They’d be on since the gates opened but had nothing to show for it. We weren’t worried since in the past dad and I had done well on the Beav. Last year, when it was stocked with those fat triploids we had a hey day pulling orange marabou buggers with intermediate lines and sink tips. Today was not that day… I was humbled by the outing but good to get some fresh air and wet a line. I was reminded today that it was the reason why they call it fishing, not catching. My poor catch rate or non catch rate was due to the fact that I was fishing with the new rod: 10′ 5 wt. GLX streamdance.

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Deep Fried Moldy Chum: 11/16/09

Not really, but since Thanksgiving is a little more than a week away and my wife and I decided to do the Turkey this year, we wanted to try our hand at deep frying a bird. After all, I’d purchased a propane fired turkey frying kit not for turkey, but for my Dungeness crab hauls and for the fish frys. God forbid that it would be used for anything that doesn’t swim in the ocean.

After hearing of many fires from improper hot oil handling, I did some research on the proper techniques. I did look at some recipes for the dry rub, but decided to put something together based on my own ingredients in the cupboard and with some imagination, came up with this recipe.

I liberally coated the turkey with sea salt, afterwards I added Taco seasoning, paprika, and coarse ground pepper. I let the dry rub stand for two hours and come to room temperature. We had a little learning curve with the temperature, but once we found the sweet spot, @ 350 degrees, it was the lucky charm that brought our first turkey to golden crispy perfection. We shared the KFT (Korean Fried Turkey) with our friends, my wife made a killer cranberry sauce with cinnamon, orange juice and persimmons….suweeeeeeet! We also had some corn bread stuffing, roasted Italian potatoes, sauteed green beens and mushrooms and pumpkin pie to top it off.

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Ted Nugent and I have something in common…

I’ve never really been a gun guy or thought of owning a gun, but recently I’d purchased a handgun for a variety of reasons, but mostly for personal protection. I figured that since I have a responsibility of owning a gun that I should be familiar with the complete operations and mechanics of how it works, how it doesn’t work, how its stored, cleaned, and properly used. My first experience with guns was in 6th grade, having grown up in Colorado, all the kids in the class were required to go through a hunters safety class through the public school system, imagine that here in Washington?!?!?. We learned about the safety of guns and how to handle them properly and finally got to shoot a .22 rifle. It wasn’t enough to keep me interested, even though I had friends who hunted upland birds and the occassion deer hunt, but it was fun to go out once in a while and shoot clay targets with skeet and trap shooting.

My buddy Sun Y. owns guns and I never really knew the fascination about them other than it was fun to shoot up in Alaska a couple of years ago. When I shared with him that I was thinking of getting a pistol, he brought me up to speed with the questions to ask and to do more research on what I’d be using it for, etc… I ended up shooting several guns: Springfield XDM, Glock 23, 17, 19, SIG Sauer, H & K, but settled on the Glock 17.

It felt right and balances well in my hand, and after firing off a couple hundred rounds through it, I decided that it was the gun for me. I like the fact that it shoot 9 mm, a cheaper ammo to shoot, but yet still pack a punch if it were ever to be used for self defense. I hope to God that it never happens. I guess owning a gun is like having an insurance policy, you’re glad its there when you need it, but hope that you never have to use it. Im sure there are pro-gun and anti gun advocates that can agree or dis-agree, but I guess I choose to hinge on my right to bear arms and to familiarize myself with the complete operations.

Now that I am a gun owner, I guess I wonder why I never bothered to have one early, not that it would have saved me in any past situation, but it might have given me some peace of mind especially when I used to ride my motorcycle into the back country. One generally doesn’t worry about anything happening, BUT you never know. I was a boy scout and tend to be overprepared and in this case, the motto applies. “Always be prepared”.

I was joined at Wade’s Gun Range in Bellevue with a friend of mine, John B. who also happens to own a Glock 17. He’d originally purchased the gun in 1998 new from Wades and had upgraded it with a laser sight, which was pretty interesting to shoot with. Here are some photos and video from todays shoot. We topped off our session at the new Palace (Koong) restaurant in Bellevue, eating grilled meats after some shooting made me feel like a hunter after a successful kill. Maybe Im still a city boy, but its interesting to wonder if I’d gotten interested in hunting how things would have turned out for me. I’ll stick with the fishing for now, no need to invest in another expensive and time consuming hobby.

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Some Chums Chasing Chums: 11/4/09

Today was the day that Shawn Y. and I decided to head out to fish for Hood Canal Chums. Last week we’d fished for river Coho, but our love of the salt took us down south in search of the toothy dog salmon. We’d heard of good reports from Hoodsport, but wanted to try a few other places along the way on up towards the Dosewalips, but ended up stopping at Eagle Creek as its known for an earlier run of Chums and Cohos.

On our way up we stopped by a local state park where we could see some Chum in the distance jumping and finning on the surface, however the NO TRESPASSING sign made it tough to access that stretch of water and rowing the distance from Potlatch would be a good workout to where the Chum were seen. We decided to proceed north towards Hoodsport to see how the action was. It was an incoming tide and a very poor tide change to note. There were about a dozen fisherman in the water, a couple of boats, and a guy in a kayak all fishing at Hoodsport. Not my thing, but we did note that there were fish on stringers and some pods of fish milling around the bay. I’ve seen years on Hoodsport where there are just huge masses of fish, but none could be seen today. We briefly spoke to an enforcement officer about Eagle Creek and asked how it was fishing. He said he’d seen several fly fisherman working it recently and thought there might be fish around.

We headed up further north, about 6 miles and pull out and viewed the surroundings. Some Chum could be seen breaking the srurface, and the best part was that there wasn’t anyone else fishing. Shawn and I quickly rigged up and decided that these fish weren’t too far out that required the prams, so we opted to wade it. One thing that would’ve been handy to have was our stripping buckets. Oh well…

Within 5 minutes, I’d hooked up with my first Chum, but it was fouled and released. After about 30 minutes of casting I hit another one, not exactly lights out fishing but again it was fouled???!?! There weren’t many fish showing themselves but how could I have fouled two fish in that big of a water shed and both of them were top snagged? I did have a couple more on, and a couple of strikes but who knows how they were, so after a couple hours we needed another plan.

I’d received a call from Jeff H. who mentioned that he might venture to fish today, he indicated that he wasn’t too far from our location and was doing quite well, having landed 7 already. We packed up and decided to join Jeff to see if there were more fish to be found. When we arrived, this is what we saw.

There was a flotilla of debris and around that debris was Chum after Chum millling around. We’d never witnessed this type of behavior before and if you didn’t know, it looked like a school of carp or bonefish tailing in a flat.

And this is what I caught on camera of Jeff, he’d landed a few more Chums in the time it took us to get down to that location and it looked more promising for us!

I put in many casts with my full intermediate line but nothing seemed to like my offerings. I switched flies, changed my retrieve speed and style, but no fish could be enticed. I think swapped out the full intermediate with my RIO versitip with floating tip and put on a small green charlie and casted away. Boom! Hookup. Judging by how many fish there were around, it should of been lights out fishing, but it was nice to explore a few new spots and be able to witness the amount of Chums that were present at this spot.

We felt that the run is still late, hopefully with the coming raing it will be good by next week. It was good enough to warrant a return trip in hopes that we’ll find more fish, especially the ones that will chase down our flies with more aggression.

On our way home we stopped off at Palace Korean BBQ on South Tacoma Way and enjoyed a full course dinner of Grilled Pork Bellies with all the fixins’. Top rated on the menu was a seasonal Squash Soup (Hobak Jjook), Korean style miso soup (doejjang chee gae), of course the pork bellies (ssamgyupsal), and the persimmon drink for dessert (soojunghwa). I was surprised that Shawn had never had the Squah soup or the persimmon drink. I found someone who was more white bread than me! I want to try the new Palace (Koong) restaurant in Bellevue, they have a $4.99 lunch special, and the dinner special is $12.99 versus the $15.99 we paid for dinner at the Tacoma location.

On our way back, I shared with Shawn that I’d like to visit our motherland, Korea and especially fish for Cherry Trout. Here is that website Shawn: Cherry Trout

Rod: Scott A2 9′ 8 wt. 4 piece
Line: Cortland Clear Camo 9 wt. and Rio Versitip 8 wt.
Flies: Chum Candy, Charlies, Spiders, Hot head marabous.

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Gil’s Election Day Report: 11/3/09

Went to the cascade river yesterday and had an awesome day fishing for coho’s. Had a great time nymphing for cohos. It makes me smile everytime that float goes down and a salmon comes up shaking its head at me. I think yesterday was probably my best coho fishing day ever given the quantity of fair hooked coho. As a added bonus, I also got a steelhead yesterday. That makes the second steelie this fall for Gilly.

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