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Angling Addiction… this video pretty much sums it up.

Angling Addiction from RA Beattie on Vimeo.

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FRFR: Frigid Rocky Ford Report 12/10/09

It’d been 2.5 weeks since I’d wet a line and I was itching for a tug at the end of my line. The local outing to Beaver lake was a bust for triploid trout, so I decided to layer up, and man up for the 2.5 hour drive to hit the Ford. Shawn Y. decided to join me as he was also feeling that cabin fever and needed the pull as well. I was surprised to find out that he’d never fished RF before. I usually hit the Ford once a year, usually in Dec. or Jan. when there is nothing else going on. The salmon run has tapered off and I wasn’t particularly interested in chasing dark Chum on the Nisqually. I’ve tried my luck with Steelheading, but to this date has been a big zero on my fishing journals. With the eastern WA stillwater opener several months away it was not going to fulfill the need, the need for big fish on little flies.

The pass was clear, and 19 degrees, just roasting. We stopped in Cle Elum to gas up and pick up some corn dogs, Jo Jo’s, and fried Chicken tenders, a meal fit for the cold weather fly fisherman. When we stopped into Ephrata, I like to visit Darce and find out how things are going. We talked fishing a little but wanted to head out and catch some fish.

The high was supposed to be 18 in Ephrata and Im sure it was a degree or two colder at the Ford. I was glad I brought all my cold weather gear. 1000 weight Duck’s Unlimited neoprene waders, full head ski mask, fingerless neoprene gloves, layered Patagonia fleece and capilene with down vest and of course hand warmers. I was downright sizzling with this outifit and was comfortable and cozy in the get up.

I’d picked up several pigs above the spillway hole. The secret sauce fly was a size 14 snowcone bloodworm and size 16 orange scud under a Thingamabobber with 6 lb Fluorocarbon. I set Shawn up with the same set up and within a few casts he’d induced a couple of nice trout to take, but was tougher to stick the hooks into those fish. Oh well… at lease he had a couple of head shakes and got to see the piggies that live in the trout pond.

I know most folks either love the Ford or despise it. It can be extremely challenging most folks as the sight of big trout just feet away and not being able to induce them to bite with all your offerings. We fished for 5 hours and I picked up a few more fish near the hatchery zone and decided it was time to pack up and leave for the drive back. I was glad to make the trek to fish, and Im glad that Shawn was able to connect, hopefully the next time he visits he’ll be able to net one of those footballs.

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