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Happy New Year!

I was waaaay looking forward to the new year as my wife and I have alot to celebrate as we’re expecting the birth of our son. He will be a fly fisherman and taught to appreciate the outdoors and all of our resources. I just hope that our conservation efforts will have a good effect on the fisheries for generations to come. Korean usually spend New Years day enjoying family time and food. Probably the most popular dish share with family is a rice cake soup called ‘dduk gook’ dduk meaning rice cake, and gook meaning soup. The dduk is not really a cake or sweetened as it would sound, but rather it looks more like a glue stick that is cross sectioned into oval slices of about 1/4″ thick. This dduk can is boiled in a beef or chicken broth based soup and served with scallions, egg and often with mandu or filled Korean dumplings. The dduk symbolizes long life and good health, as similar for the Chinese to enjoy noodles on a special occassion or the Japanese with their Mochi (sweetened rice flour) dishes.

While this isn’t a blog about cooking, since I enjoy cooking and eating, its likely that I will take that format into 2010 with my fishing trips to also document how I like to prepare fish, crab, clams and perhaps some duck if I am lucky. I would like to give a whirl at duck hunting if the opportunity arises and Im able to get down to Oregon to shoot on a private ranch.

I did get a chance to try my luck at some squid jiggin’ but it proved to be nothing but a fruitless effort. I’ve been squid jiggin’ a few times now and its been as good as my steelheadin’. Perhaps I should stick with salmon and crab, seems like a more consistant and better haul for me. We did briefly consider going on the razor dig at Ocean Shores, I’ve never dug up razors and considering the time and the night dig and the fact that the weather was just blistery, we opted to not go. Even with the crabbing, Im considering not making those outings unless I am already fishing for salmon. Its just alot of work to set up, bait and pull traps for the hopes of a few crab. I know a great local market that sells dungees for $2.79 a pound. I’ll burn through that much gas for the guaranteed purchase of a few big male Dungees.

My next outing will likely be for steelhead… but you’ll have to wait for that report. It will be an interesting one as I’ve entered into the darkside as some flyfisherman would put it and purchased a centerpin reel. YIKES!

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