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Pass Lake: 2/19/10

Its been over a month since I’d been able to wet a line with the birth of my son. I’ve been reading internet threads on fishing, and talking to buddies going fishing, and salivating for the day that I’d be able to get out. Jeff H. had been out to Pass a few times in the last couple of weeks but it’d been a poor show apart from Tom H’s. trip a couple of weeks ago. The weather was supposed to be nice and the moon phase was favorable for trout fishing, so I decided to make the journey to Pass to give it a whirl. Jeff H. was planning on meeting me there around 8:30 am. The drive was easy as it always is, just about a 100 mile from my driveway, and the weather was clear and sunny. It’s definitely been a mild winter here in the pacific northwest and we’re hoping for an early turnover of the lakes in preparation for another stella stillwater season.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived to the parking lot was the thick film of scum on the waters edge as well as many particulate floating in the water column. Perhaps the warm weather had the lake in turnover mode and the sun and the temp. have warmed the aquatic matter thus releasing gases that caused all the flocculent to the top. It was like diarrhea getting into the pram, but at least I didn’t have to touch it, like most pontooners or float tubers had to deal with. I was thinking that it’d be a low # of fisherman day on the lake, but there all congregated on the shoreline were the hoards of fishermen on a Friday morning. At the max, there were 13 boats all anchored up on the northside. I tried an area where Tom H. had some success without any success. Just as I was rowing over, Chuck G. called me and said that Pass had been fishing well and that Jim T. would be fishing it again today. Jim supposedly had a stella day the day before, with 40 fish landed. I was definitely stoked to hear that, but after an hour was wondering if that was a fish tale.

As I talked to Jeff, I noticed a Smith bros. pram rowing over, it was Jim T. He was back for another dose and I wanted to see what all the action was occuring on, so after another 20 minutes decided to pull anchor and row over next to him. he’d be doing well on chromies with static bag., both fished from an indicator and also long lining or fishing ‘naked’.

Jim was back to his spot, and almost immediately began catching fish! He and along with some other fellows in their prams were all hoping for probably a repeat of his prior days report. It wasn’t hot and heavy action, but it was consistant, with a fish being hooked with various boats around me. After what seemed like hours, but was more like 30 minutes, my indicator went down and I was onto a fish, a stunted Rainbow with large head and mouth, with little skinny body. It looked malnourished, but its stomach had bugs, so I decided to pump to find out what they were on.

Just then Chuck G. rowed over, he caught a couple fish and decided that the hog line wasn’t his thing and rowed toward Jeff in the Chironomid canyon. I caught and landed a few more fish and then decided to give the rocks a try, but the water was definitely murkier with the flocculent more prolific. About this time, I was feeling a bit under the weather and decided to make it back toward Jeff and Chuck to compare notes.

I dropped anchor in 13′ and soaked my bugs for a bit longer with no success. I finally ended the day around 3:30, deciding to leave early, grab a snack and coffee and make my way back home.

The water that did produce fish was at 14 feet, and registered 48 degrees on the graph. I did notice the water temp change from the launch at 8:30 @ 46 degrees, then rounding the corner, 47 and then onto the north part of the lake at 48 and held constant towards the north shore. Definitely a warm up from Tom’s 44/45 outing.

I landed a total of 2 Rainbows, and 6 Brown trout, ranging from 12″ to 17″, nothing spectacular other than the largest Brown, which gave a nice show by leaping twice on some heated runs. The Browns seemed to be very healthy, but the bows seemed a bit more lethargic. It was worth the trip and we all got to catch a few fish. I think by the time I left Jim T. mustve landed a few more, he was doing consistently well with the long lining. I tried my long lining, but only ended up working for 1 of the trout. I’ll have to re-read and give another try when the water temp and the fishing heats up.

I was very satisfied with the performance of the Springcreek Pram, and I wasn’t alone, there were three other fisherman using the same boat. I was also glad to to see the show of prams versus float tubers and pontooners. The whole day, I only saw 2 float tubers and 2 pontoon boats, the rest were prams. I think the pram idea is really taking off south of the Canuck border.

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