Titlow…no go: 2/21/10

Chuck Wu had a good outing last week and reported seeing good numbers of SRC and Resident Coho being caught by a lady flyfisherperson. I decided to give Titlow beach a try for a couple of hours as I was down in the South sound already. Titlow is about 45 minutes from my home and can be accessed by taking I-5 south to highway 16. Take the Jackson street (#4) exit and head south to 6th ave. Take a right on 6th and follow the curvey road until it stops at the park. Its really not a secret location, so otherwise, I wouldn’t be posting the name of the beach. I do like blog on my fishing trips as it serves a couple of purposes; importantly documents the times of year that I’ve fished and what worked and what didn’t. Honestly, its been fun to journal my experiences not only to share my reports, but also to share my adventures to friends and family who aren’t hear to fish with me.

I knew the low tide was after 4 pm, but I didn’t check the exact time, Chuck indicated that he and Mike T. did well on the outgoing low tide. It was gorgeous weather, and even if I didn’t see or hook a fish, it was good to get the ole’ stripping bucket on and cast all my flyline out on the new 10′ 6 wt. Native Run GLX. I’d picked up the rod for Pink fishing, and absolutely loved how well the rod threw a line. Its effortless to throw out all my flyline, was using a 8 wt. Cortland full intermediate slime line tapered down to 6 lb fluro and a Euphasid pattern.

When I arrived on the water, I didn’t see any other fisherman, or evidence of dimpling, jumping, or otherwise fish activity. I was surprised at how shallow the water was on the low tide, and was able to get a ways into the bay without having to worry about my backcast with the hoards of other beach combers and sun lovers that were out in force today.

After a couple hours of casting and searching, I called it quits. I wasn’t hoping for much, other than to get some sunshine on my shoulders. I’ve been to Titlow twice now, and have on both occasion struck out. I guess its all a timing thing, something that I don’t have the luxury of tending to. I am hoping to make it back out to Pass lake on either Wednesday or Thursday of this week. I’d like another healthy stab at those Brown’s and Bows, and will be tying up some more Chironomids to suppliment my collection.

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4 thoughts on “Titlow…no go: 2/21/10

  1. South sounder

    Titlow is a great beach, I have been there many times but never fished it, Tacoma outboard assc has a boat launch just north and the Beach Tavern has great food and beer. Now I will have to try to fish it for an excuse to go back to my old watering hole, your Blog rocks!

  2. Paul

    Hiya, Paul,
    One reason you didn’t see anyone fishing at Titlow is becausse Area 13 is closed to salmon fishing until March 1.

    How do you like the rod and is that a switch rod?

    • Its not a switch, I don’t know what all the craze is with switch rods… I have a 10′ 5 wt. GLX, and I could prob. throw it just as well as anyone with a switch. That day I was overweighting it with a full clear Camo line and throwing all the line and then some. Even though its closed, I was hoping to get into the SRC’s. Oh well… come March 1st, I’ll be focusing me sights on Eastern WA.

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