Passed Out: 2/25/2010

Today was the only day that I could get out to fish, so I left my home at 8 am for the 87 mile drive to Pass Lake. Some people might think its a little crazy, driving 1.5 hours to fish a lake up by Deception Pass for meager trout, but its therapy for me, and I say its worth it. Nobody else could join me, so I opted to make a solo run to iron out some winter blues and make sure that I am set for the Spring opener on Eastern Washington.

I should have known it was going to be a meager day as I forgot my Fishin’ Buddy sonar at home, but thats not that critical anyhow… just for measuring depth. I like it better for temperature, but I didn’t even have my handy pocket thermometer, so I was fishing a bit blind today.

I spoke with Chuck G. the day before and he mentioned that he fished it on Monday and got skunked! Chuck said he’d been fishing Pass since 1957 when he was 19 y.o. and this was the second time in his life that he’s been skunked on Pass. I should have heeded his advice and not went, but the allure was too much, and if I didn’t go, I’d still be thinking about it while at my desk. I suppose the saying: “A bad day fishing is better than a good day in the office”. I was hoping that the lake would turn on, as the weather forecast was decent and called for partly sunny skies with temps in the mid 50’s.

Once I got to the lake, I decided to row over to the north shore, near the Ranger’s residence. There I found two gents, one in a green pontoon, the other in a white plastic boat fishing Chironomids. I set up shop at the spot that Jim T. did well at the previous outing in the hopes that I’d be lucky too. I set up both rods, one equipped with a naked line and the other for indicator fishing. I fished it hard for a couple hours without any success. One guy in the white boat landed one, and the other guy in the pontoon landed 5.

They pulled anchors and went to the far east spot, just due east from the ‘Canyon’ and set up shop while I moved 50′ and decided to stay put and give it another 30 minutes. I should have pulled and followed them… After a while, they were both talking loud enough and when I looked over at times they had double headers. I then decided enough of this and go rowed over to find a clearing near them, but not in their way to see what all the action was. Fish after fish, they kept good pace, with a couple of doubles, they were pulling in fish after fish, while I was struggling to find some momentum.

I changed bugs, colors, depths, but nothing… until I overhead them talking about color. I put on my black with red #16 snowcone and voila, fish on! That didn’t happen until 1:30 pm., I believe a good hatch came off around noon once the water temp warmed up. The schools of these fish are moving all over the lake in search of this hatch and readily gobbling up any invertebrate biomass to plump up. I did pump one fish and found many daphnia and size 16 black Chirons.

I did find it helpful to measure to about 1 foot off the bottom. I think those guys had it dialed in perfectly, as the fish seemed to like that zone and were exclusively all caught at that depth. Sometimes fishing isn’t about doing, its about observing what works and what doesn’t. I seriously got a good whoopin’ today and was humbled by these two gents. Now I know I can’t blame it on the lake or the conditions, or the new equipment jinx. I was fishing a new to me Nautilus FW 3+ reel that I’d recently acquired with a RIO Gold 4 wt. line. I strung it up on my 8′ 3 wt. Loomis GLX rod. I found it a great caster and fun to fight those fish on the light rod. I think I’ll fish this set up in Eastern WA for my first trip next week. Hopefully I got all the kinks out of the system… I promise to not get any more ‘new’ gear, and hopefully be into some more fish next week.

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