April Fools: 4/1/2010

Well, I didn’t get tricked this year like I did last when someone posted some cheap fly fishing gear on Washingtonflyfishing.com but I was the one who got the last laugh posting some ridiculously low priced nice gear.  I had several PM’s from folks hounding me to sell them this stuff.  I guess even with the recession, there are always people looking for nice fly fishing gear.  I had the opportunity to visit my friend Fred Smith, of Smith’s Boat Shop in Bow, WA.  Its actually on the way to Samish Island. 

I invited dad to to join me for the nice drive up to the coast and showed him how wonderful that place really is.  Originally my buddy Thao T. had ordered up the 8′ pram, but once I got my eyes on that boat, I decided to opt out of the 10′ model which I’d recently acquired and wanted the smaller, lighter, more nimble craft.  Fred is 82 years old and he is a resourceful and friendly gent.  We toured his shop, visited with a neighbor who was picking up some little neck clams for his beach, and also got to sample some of his smoked salmon and took home  a few Pacific Oysters.

I was thinking of stopping of at Pass lake on the way back, but dad had appointments this evening and we had to make the trek back.  The other option today was to head over and fish the opener at Dry Falls or Upper Hamptons, but with this weird weather, I didn’ t want to risk getting blown off of the lake like Jeff and I did last week.  Oh well… the fish will be there for me another day.  I got back home and was able to grill up some of the sweetest and freshest oysters that you have laid your eyes, and noses on.  I like to prepare a garlic, white wine sauce on the stovetop ahead of time and once the oysters open up on the grill, I ladel the half shelled bivalves and let it cook further with the butter, chardonnay, white wine, cilantro, salt and pepper broth. 

Oh boy!!!

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