Angle Lake Report: 4/9/2010

Angle Lake, King County, 102 acres: This lake is located off Hwy 99 just 12 miles from downtown Seattle, at south 194th Street. The lake holds rainbows, kokanee and spiny rays (perch, bass, and catfish). There is a county park with boat launching available.  The report from the WDFW indicated that Angle was recently stocked with 400+ 1.5 trophy triploid trout on Monday the 5th.   I’ve wondered about the in city lake close to Sea Tac airport and speaking with Gil C. the other day, he confirmed seeing some guys on the bank with some big trout on a stringer.  I thought it might be a nice change to fish more close to home than spending time and gas driving over the pass for a chance at nabbing some 8″ trout, see my Quincy Lake report.  Yes, of course this lake isn’t fly fishing only and they allow bait and standard gear.  Nonetheless, I wanted to give it a try to see if I could employ some deep water Chironomid techniques and see if it would work even for an in-city fishery.

The weather was cold, but water temp showed 50 degrees, and the swallows were swarming around like mad picking off Chironomids from just above the lake surface.  We thought our prospects were good, but the dry landing net showed the conclusion of the fishing for Angle.  We did venture to the north or angled side in hopes that we’d see rishing or presence of water water or fish on the locale, but it wasn’t productive.  I decided that I can cross Angle off my list of in city lakes to explore and focus on the selective fish lakes that are on the Eastside of the pass.

I can see why Rex T. likes to get away and seek refuge of solitude and peacefulness and selective fishing.  There are the locals that Im sure visit these lakes, and while its nice to be close, its not nice when you have every Tom, Dick and Harry throwing lines all over the place, even at the boat launch?!?!?  One guy was sitting in his car in the handicap space, with a bell on his rod and blocking the launch with his line, the guy had NO clue…

I guess thats what we asked for, and decided to leave around 12:30 since we spent that morning circling the lake, marking fish,but very deep in 35-49 feet of water.  Shawn did pick up a hit, but failed to set in time, and that was the only touchdown of the day.  I didn’t want to have a blow out, so we headed back to the truck, loaded up and drove to Beaver Lake, where I knew we could get into a fish or two.

Once to loaded the 10′ Smith pram and headed out to the bay that I’d been lucky the day before, we dropped anchor in 12′ of water.  Within a few minutes Shawn was onto his first fish, a prized 8″ Rainbow, something that those Angle lake fisherman would die to have at the end of their stringers.  I snapped off a shot and released the fish.  He re-casted, and after a few minutes, wham, indicator down! He had the hot rod today, with most of his fish being caught on a snowcone red bodied, with silver ribbed Chironomid.  I wasn’t as fornate with just a few fish compared to his 9 fish landed.  We only spent a few hours on Beaver and decided to pack up around 4:30.  A quick stop at Stan’s barbeque in downtown Issaquah satisfied the hunger for happy hour Miller’s and Pulled Pork.  Stan’s is my favorite bbq place that I’ve found in Washington.  I like the Kansas City style barbeque that is prepared dry and served with the sauces on the side.  The only pigs that we caught was of the porcine type and not of the scaled, finned or tailed variety that we’d hoped for…  Oh well… there is always next week.

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