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Passed Gas: 4/10/2010

Today’s outing is going to be a pictoral essay as I pretty much got skunked.  I had two hits, but no fish to hand, it was extrememly slow, but Jeff managed to pick up a few fish.  I didn’t arrive on the water until 2 pm… yes, late start, but fished until dusk.  Jeff’s last fish of the day was a dandy, a nice 18″ Brown trout.  Clear, nice and great hatches, but little to nil on the fish activity.  I talked to Jim T. on the way up and he’d fished it with Chuck the day before with poor results.  Jim got 3, Chuck got 1.  This was my last trip to Pass Lake for the year, and now I’ll focus on the Eastside lakes and plan out my trip to Chopaka and BC.  52 degree water temp, partly sunny but a slight chill to the air.

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