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Breakin’ Da Law: 4/16/2010

Today was a beautiful day and I’d recently saw that they’d planted a healthy dose of trout averaging 2.10 per pound into a nearby lake.  I got on the phone to Jeff H. and said to meet me there as it’d probably be a slug fest.  When I arrived on the lake, I found glassy water, warm and sunny weather and lots of fish feeding, jumping and rising throughout the lake.  I thought to myself, wow, its gonna be a gooood day, and there isn’t a single fisherman to be found on the water, first bad sign.

I proceeded to unload my pram and prepare my gear.  I always bring two rods with me and like to have various lines in floating, intermediate and full sink for fishing lakes.  I thought why bother with a Chironomid set up when I’ll likely be able to hook fish with the strip, so proceeded to put on a black wooley on my full Cortland Clear camo slime line.  Within the row out with the line in the water, I had my first fish on, a nice hatchery Rainbow fo 10″.

This proceeded to go on until Jeff arrived.  I picked up 17 fish before he rolled through and then I rowed to the shore to help him unload his boat as there are a couple of barriers that prevent trailers from entering into the water.  I showed him the drill and it didn’t take long before we were both into fish with several double headers.  There were fish rishing everywhere and we couldn’t keep them off our lines.  They were taking it on the drop, the strip, the pause, and the troll. 

I commented to Jeff that it was like taking candy from a baby, but little did we know that our candy was about to be taken.  After a couple of hours we rowed over to the north end and a lady comes out to her lawn and yells out, “the lake is closed until next Saturday! There is a fish and game warden that patrols this lake…”  Just then I rush came over me and I thought to myself, is the lake even open?!??  Even though I’d been fishing Beaver Lake, just 5 minutes away and almost the same altitude, Pine Lake is classified as a ‘lowland’ lake and opens along with many other lakes NEXT week.  As Jeff and I proceeded to look at each other like deer in the headlights, the bull horn came out “Row your boats to the launch NOW”.  I thought, DAMN!  How could I have overlooked the regs.    I’d taken the time to buy the license, to check the stocking reports and to find myself with the whole lake to myself and then this!!

The Sammamish police officer gave us the run as we presented our fishing licenses and told him how sorry we were for breaking the law.  That was a stupid mistake of not checking the regs, but its too bad that some neighbor couldn’t just tell us that it was closed instead of calling it out to the police or WDFW.

Oh well… we’ll see what transpires with the ticket or violation, as its up to fish and game to determine any penalties.  It looked even more precarious, since I’d bonked 4 fish and put them in the cooler, added more fuel to the fire that we were in.  We packed up, and left around 2pm, both shaking our heads and wondering why…  I’ll still get out next week once its open, as the thought of 10,000 fish in the little lake has me thinking of how good it might be with Chironomids, once these fish get hooked a few times and or get smarter.

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