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Alice in Wonderland: 4/22/2010

I’d been keeping busy with Real Estate but always have the itch to get out.  After last weeks episode and run in with the law, I decided to take my chances and try it again… just kiddin.  Actually, I wanted to get back out to Lake Alice near Fall City for a chance at the 3.30 per pound hatchery brats that the WDFW planted last week.  There was supposedly 4000 of these little tikes that got pumped in to the little 30 acre lake.  Even though Alice is surrounded by homes to the north, there is a nice treed area to the south and views of Tiger mountain.  Its a serene setting with birds chirping and the buzz of swallows snapping up Chironomids.

There was a good hatch going on when I got to the lake, around 2:30.  I decided to rig up my Cortland clear camo line and troll with an olive woolley bugger, it wasn’t long until I was into my first fish, a scrappy little rainbow.  After a few more hits, I decided to give the Chironomid set up a try. Water temp was 57 degrees, and I wasn’t marking many fish, but did see a few holiding in 27-29 feet of water.  There were many risers on the south shoal, a 2-3′ shallow area of mud and lots of Chironomids.  You could tell that they were planters at how non-afraid they were and felt relatively safe in the shallow area.  Evidently, the hawk that swooped down to a feeding fish knew this as well.  It was pretty neat to see the bird of prey plunge into the water and emerge with a trout in its talons.

Im sure its feeding its young with a nice meal of trout sashimi.  I did catch a few fish on the long line and on the dry fly as well.  but the hatch was very small, Griffith’s Gnat in size 20 was the pattern to have.  I pumped a decent sized fish and found numerous brown and black Chironomids and to my surprise a scud!  They are keyed in on the small midge hatch and it was tough to get them to hit on Chironomids.  When I switched to the black woolley bugger, it seems like lights out.  The trout would rip that bugger to pieces,and fight pretty well considering their scrappy size.

All in all a great afternoon for a few hours to be on the water catching some fish.  HOpefully next week, I’ll be able to make a trip out east to fish for some bigger fish.

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