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Clam Dig: 6/12/2010

Some of our friends from SoCAL were visiting Seattle this week and ended up deciding on going clam diggin’ as it seems like the NW kind of a thing to do, especially since it coincided with the free fishing weekend.  The WDFW offers this deal one weekend a year, usually the second weekend in June to get folks out to enjoy fishing and clamming with no license required.  Of course the normal limits and rules apply to the harvest and methods of obtaining, but it seems like a racket to me.  We did have a great day and fun outing for everyone kids as well, but it was overshadowed with the undercover fish and game guy calling the field officers who were glad to write up citations for people taking over limits, non-shucked oysters, and combination clams (need separate containers).  Fines were issued, people were un-happy, but we managed to still enjoy the time spent with family and friends. 

North Bay is located near the town of Allyn and is about an hour and half drive from Seattle.  Its not a secret beach, but well seeded and known for its healthy clam and oyster population.  Today was an especially good day to go as the tide was a -3.4′ at 12:24 pm. 

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Snake Bite: 6/5/2010

We had a bit of time, so head out to test out the Koffler at local Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend.  Too bad it rained all day long, water level was high and the fish weren’t as cooperative to me versus Mr. Huling.  Jeff, did manage to bring a few nicer sized Rainbows to hand.  We fished in 27′ of water using verticle long line methods on amber chironomids.

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Lucky Ling Boat

Lucky for my fishing mates, not as lucky for the captain.  Last two outings I hooked fish, but couldn’t manage to land any?!??!??!!!  We’re winding down on the Ling season with the closer just two weeks away.  Going to have to try and get out once or twice more with dad, hopefully he’ll be able to connect with a toothy creature, just like Thao and Jeff did from last week.

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