MA-9 Opener: July 16th, 2010

Jeff and I decided to give our favorite Kitsap beach a try as I’d heared some filtered reports of it fishing well a week prior from a fly guy who was fishing for SRC, but had gotten into 5 nice Coho of 5-6 lbs.  I’d also seen good reports from other fellows indicating slashing fish at bait balls, so off we went, 5:35 ferry out of Edmonds to Kingston.  When we arrived, I noticed a familiar car in the lot, none other than the legendary Mr. Miyawaki.  He’d probably been there since o-dark thirty pounding out cast after cast into the south easterly wind in hopes of connecting with Mr. Blackmouth or Miss Coho.  Bummer that none were around to play today. 

Today I was also able to test out a newly acquired 6′ Bucks Bag Alpine pontoon boat.  I figured that there might be a good use for it one day, and today was the day to give it whirl. Its was ok, just don’t expect me to jump on the pontoon band wagon, what I found interesting was how slowly you actually row compared to a pram. 

My efforts however weren’t un-noticed as I picked up some nice bullheads for the barbeque, just kiddin…  Although they were willing, it wasn’t the type of quarry that I was interested in seeing at the end of the line.  I fished the 10′ 6 wt. GLX Native run with Nautilus FW3+ on Rio outbound short intermediate line with a light pink clouser.

Things should be heating up soon, just when??? We’ll have to see on the next outing… stay tuned!

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