Jeff H. Master long liner! 07/21/10

Went up to Rattlesnake for a few hours as I wanted to witness firsthand at Jeff H’s longlining technique for pulling trout from the depths.  Jeff really has it dialed in a and I think he’ll probably be the best Chironomid fisherman in a the next year surpassing Chuck G. for his innovative and deadly techniques at tying and understanding the challenges and psychi of the trout behaivour. 

I ended up with 1 fish to Jeff’s 10+ that he hooked and release right beside each other.  I noticed that he was using a more aggressive full sink, likely a 6-8″ per second non-density compensated line with his Amber Chiron and Chromie combo.  It proved to be deadly!  Several nice size and silvery triploids to hand and other nicely conditioned fish.

The day was warm, sunny and the surface temp was 63 degrees, with it likely being about 10 degrees cooler at the bottom where we were marking fish on the Fishin’ buddy at 40′.

I’ll have to hone in this technique but have a good gist of whats needed… extreme patience!

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