Welcome back Brandon, Kade, and Kamden: 07/22/10

One of my good buddies Brandon returned to the States after a 4 year stint in Korea.  Even though we’ve never fished together he wanted to get his twin boys out to experience the boat, water and try our luck at some perch fishing on Lake Sammamish.

We met up after 1pm in Factoria, hoping the weather would get sunny after a cooler and cloud covered morning, we opted to head to Newport Shores and launch in the hopes of finding some willing Perch.  The wind did not cooperate and I forgot my anchor, so wind drifting along wasn’t the best option in picking up the yellow barred fish.  After a few attempts around Newcastle Park, some bays, I decided to head over to the Seahawks area, where I knew some good old wood pilings existed and we could at least tie the bowline up one of those pilings and stay in one place.

After a few casts, I had one on, a small eager perch on a small Eagle claw hook tipped with nightcrawler.  I handed the rod to one of his boys and they screamed in fear.  They absolutely didn’t want anything to do with the fish or being on the boat, complaining that they wanted to go home.  We release the little guy and recasted, after a few minutes we didn’t have a strike so Brandon decided to put the whole crawler on the hook and chuck it out to pass the time.  Not long after, his rod doubled over and put a nice bend in the Zebco combo.  A nice sized smallmouth to hand! We came out for Perch but instead found a nice area of Smallmouth!  We’d pick up a more bites from smallies and also a couple more perch, but the final tally was 3 to 1 smallmouth.

We had enough of the fishing and ended up motoring down to Coulon Park, where the boys could play at the playground and we moored up for a dinner of Ivars with friends Jae and Sun.  All in all, a fun close outing and was a great opportunity to introduce the boys to their first fishing outing.  When we asked them if they wanted to go again, they eagerly both said ‘yes’.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get them out on the water again in the future and they remember the day they went fishing on Lake Washington.

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