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Snag Fest 2010

Skok is a joke, but I guess I should have known that going down.  The allure of sight fishing to Kings fresh from the salt was too tempting so I decided to give it another shot.  I hadn’t fished the Skok for a couple of years as it changes year to year based on the higher water.  Today I was armed with my 11 wt. RPLXi, Galvan T-8 with new Airflo multi line and big nasty rubber legged stoneflies. 

The result: 7 hooked, 5 landed, none kept as they weren’t legally in the mouth and a couple were wild fish.  The tug is the drug, but I’ll probably pass for next time on the Skok as its turned to a bit of a free for all.  I would estimate that from my observations, 99% of the fish of killed fish were fouled, snagged, or otherwise taken.  I may end up passing on the Skok, but at least got to see some nice fish swimming around.

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