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Getting Chummy with my Friends: 10/29/2010

It was a nice clear and sunny fall day in the Hood Canal. Perfect for a drive and perfect for some fishing with a friend in search of Mr and Mrs. Keta AKA Chum, and also know as El Guapo the dog.  We busted out of town at 8 am for the 2 hour drive south towards Olympia and the 101 and up towards Hoodsport, WA, home of the largest WDFW Chum hatchery in the state of Washington.

The tide was high at 11 am and when Jeff and I arrived we were greeted with 50 of our closest friends, not the fish, but our favorite gear guys throwing all sorts of lures, corkies, yarn, pencil lead, cannonballs and whatever they could to entice the toothy Chum to bite. These fish however had another thing on their mind, it was the natal waters of their youth, time well spent in the concrete channels of the hatchery.

When it was evident that we could not get on the water via the stairs, we opted to head to the northshore along a skinny channel that would fit no more than 4 anglers. That would be 4 regular gear throwers, but somehow we fit in 2 flycasters and 4 other gear guys into that slot and kept our distance from the private tidelands to the north.

Hot flies were Crazy Chartruese Charlies, Jeffs Chartruese and Fuschia turd fly in size 6 with a tiny bead chain eye or no weight at all fished with a full intermediate 8 wt. line on an 8 wt. Scott STS 9′ fly rod with Galvan T-8 and the appropriate backing.

These fish were much more aggressive and on the bite than the Chico fish of the week prior.  They chased down our offerings and leaped and tumbled in the air while we tried to lasso them in for a quick release.

All in all a great day, Jeff land a dozen, I only landed 5 but lost several more.  It did feel good to test out the gear and my hope of the lost salmon season was renewed with the return of my friends, the green and purple salmon they call the Chum of the seas.

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Steelhead and Chum, oh my… 10/23/2010

I had the opportunity to get out and fish this weekend as my wife and son were visiting in-laws in Portland. The original plan was to head up to the Methow and camp out, fish for steelhead and possibly do some stillwater fishing on Big Twin lake. But our plans changed and decided to head up to Fortson Hole on the North fork in search of some steelhead. Thao had done well the week prior with three steelhead pulled from the runs.  Today would be my day, or would it? Short story, no steelhead but a nice view aquarium of salmon in the pool with: Sockeye, Chum, Coho steelhead, SRC, and Whitefish. What more could you ask for? Well, it would have been nice to hook one of those salmon or steelhead. The whitefishing was pretty good, and we even kept a few as Thao wanted to pass them along to his mom so she could make her fish soup.

After we thorough pounded the water, we headed toward the hills by the Sauk in search of Chantrel mushrooms and possibly Matsutakes’ We’d heard it’d be a good mushroom season, but that too was un-productive but the scenery made up for the lack of mushrooms to our baskets.

Sunday we ventured through a raging storm to hit Chico creek in search of a tug of salmon in the salt. We did find many pods of salmon, but they were shy to bite. Both Thao and I passed flies through these pods to no avail…

I did hook one, but too bad it wasn’t legally hooked, so it was worth a photo and released. My friend Jeff on the otherhand did well in Hood Canal hooking 30-40 Chums during the flood tide and fishing till it was dark.  Next week, Chum on the fly and perhaps one or two for the smoker. I can’t say that I am a fan of Chum, but Thao swears by the smoked version.  Perhaps a bit too wishful thinking, but at least we’re seeing fish versus the lack of Coho and Kings this season.

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Cady Lake: 10/20/2010

I’d not fished this lake before, but heard of some big fish being caught in years past.  Most notably from my friend Thao who currently holds the record for a 15 lb. Steelhead he caught back in 1999. Click here for the photo. Jeff H. warned me that Cady can be an especially tough place to fish and the fish are very finicky.  We’ll, the short part of the story is he was right. I ended up with three bites, but no fish hooked or landed! It was a bummer, having to make the trek and being humbled by those fish. Jeff got two fish to hand and missed a couple. It was a nice drive and nice setting, got to meet the owner Larry who operates the lodge and talked about his future plans for possibly donating the land to a conservation group, kicker would be for him to remain at the house until he dies and he get 25% of the appraised value.  Nice guy…

We also journeyed down the road to check out the Dewatto, nothing going on there, asked Larry about it and he said there was never a run?!??!  They hadn’t seen silvers, chums, or ??? The season was really a bust! Oh well, got some photos, and enjoyed the piano music while we tried many offerings to the feeding fish.  I wish I had some CDC emergers as most of the feeding fish were only interested in sipping the small sized 16 Chironomids from just under the surface.

I also tried a full sink with various colors, olive, black, white leeches to no avail.  Larry mentioned that he’d stocked 9000 fingerlings to help feed the bigger fish into the fall/winter. Saw the otter, and he is probably the culprit for alot of fish loss as the graph wasn’t marking a whole lot of activity.  Did see another gent in a white wood pram who was doing ok.  Jeff had seen him before, he lives in Bremerton and fishes Cady 2-3 times a week with good success.

Water temp was 57 degree, deepest part I found was 39 feet, most of the fish I was marking were at the bottom.  The pram sure does look at home in the back of the Tacoma bed.  Jeff’s two fish were decent, the first was 17″ and the second was 20″, nice healthy specimens.

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Coho Mojo…NO JO!

Ok folks, sorry, its been a long while since I posted any sort of fishing report.  I’ve been busy with outfitting the new boat, new truck, and on a dental mission trip to rural Jamaica. I have been out, but all fruitless and fishless efforts from the salt(MA10), Hood Canal, beaches, tributaries, estuaries, rivers, backwaters, frontwaters, you get the picture…  All that looks promising is some stillwater action on our local lakes.  In the meantime, here is the new fishing vehicle and the new fishing boat. I’ve got them dialed in the way I like it and hope that its the end of any new trucks and or boats for a while.


Boat; 1989 Arima Sea Chaser 17′, 8+’ beam, on 1989 Galvanized roller trailer with updated U-bolts bearing buddies. Powered with twin Honda 4-stroke 90 HP main motor with 8 hp kicker with OMC hydraulic kicker plate, 24 gallon built in tank. Dual Scotty 1106 electric downriggers. Hard top skiptower with new curtains, freshly installed Pyle CD/MP3 player with detach face and anti-spray cover. Lowrance GPS/Sonar, Mooring cover, new Transom table (to be installed…), dual marine batteries with Perko switch, toilet, lots of storage and floor fish lockers and ice compartments.

Truck; 2007 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport.  All the stock stuff except… KN filtercharger, Grillcraft Satoshi grill, halogen driving lights with horn relocation. Toyota side steps, tinted windows, TRD water resistant seat covers, Weather Tek floormats, Pioneer Avic DVD, NAV, with backup camera, bluetooth, iPOD interface. New limited edition anthracite gun metal FJ Cruiser wheels (16×7) on BFG AT KO 275/65/16, Bilstein 5100’s all the way around set at 1.75 front, new ICON AAL 1.5″ rear spring pack.  Truck Covers USA rolling tonneau with Thule tracks on 417 Thule foots with crossbars and Yakima Space case 6′ aero box. Pop Nlock 5200 tailgate lock with hose clamp mod. The truck is pretty much now the way I want it and it drives well.  I have yet to do a long distance road trip apart from the trip to Portland where I averaged 20 MPG. I checked the speedo and odo with GPS speed and the difference with the +1 size tires is minimal. Its the best truck that I’ve owned.. was really sad when I sold the Tundra, but honestly couldn’t deal with those suicide doors. The 4 doors and rear seating area of the Tacoma is very comfortable and can haul 4 persons with gear in the bed safely and securely with no issues.  Looking forward to many outings and trips with Luca and YuJeong, hoping to go to Lake Chelan next summer and do some boat camping along with local trips to Blake Island.

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