Cady Lake: 10/20/2010

I’d not fished this lake before, but heard of some big fish being caught in years past.  Most notably from my friend Thao who currently holds the record for a 15 lb. Steelhead he caught back in 1999. Click here for the photo. Jeff H. warned me that Cady can be an especially tough place to fish and the fish are very finicky.  We’ll, the short part of the story is he was right. I ended up with three bites, but no fish hooked or landed! It was a bummer, having to make the trek and being humbled by those fish. Jeff got two fish to hand and missed a couple. It was a nice drive and nice setting, got to meet the owner Larry who operates the lodge and talked about his future plans for possibly donating the land to a conservation group, kicker would be for him to remain at the house until he dies and he get 25% of the appraised value.  Nice guy…

We also journeyed down the road to check out the Dewatto, nothing going on there, asked Larry about it and he said there was never a run?!??!  They hadn’t seen silvers, chums, or ??? The season was really a bust! Oh well, got some photos, and enjoyed the piano music while we tried many offerings to the feeding fish.  I wish I had some CDC emergers as most of the feeding fish were only interested in sipping the small sized 16 Chironomids from just under the surface.

I also tried a full sink with various colors, olive, black, white leeches to no avail.  Larry mentioned that he’d stocked 9000 fingerlings to help feed the bigger fish into the fall/winter. Saw the otter, and he is probably the culprit for alot of fish loss as the graph wasn’t marking a whole lot of activity.  Did see another gent in a white wood pram who was doing ok.  Jeff had seen him before, he lives in Bremerton and fishes Cady 2-3 times a week with good success.

Water temp was 57 degree, deepest part I found was 39 feet, most of the fish I was marking were at the bottom.  The pram sure does look at home in the back of the Tacoma bed.  Jeff’s two fish were decent, the first was 17″ and the second was 20″, nice healthy specimens.

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