Green with envy? November 12th, 2010

Weather report… check, USGS river flow… check, flyfishing team… check, fishing reports… check.  Fishing, excellent!  Catching… poor.

I was hankerin’ for a float down the Green river and it looked like today was THE day to do it.  Midweek with decent reports coming from the internet boards and the flows had dropped from the 10/11th from Howard Hanson dam.  I like the float the Green when it hits the 750 mark, clear water, not too many hazards encountered and supposedly alot of fish in the river.

The originaly plan was to walk in and wade with my buddy Chuck, but he’d pulled his knee the day before on an outing on the Yak so was out of commission for a day on the Green.  I could do the float with my pontoon and with Jeff H. in town with his Koffler OR we could outfit his Driftboat and do the river together. This didn’t quite come together as planned as his ball hitch wasn’t budging to accomodate the 2″ receiver. 

So I put out a call ad on to see if anyone else might be willing to float.  KlintD and Sourdough responded with a “YES”. We launched from Whitney bridge at 9:30 am under sunny skies and clear water conditions hoping for the best.  One odd thing was the missing presence of Chum in and around Whitney bridge.  There are usually alot of fish around, either dead or on their redds at this spot, but today, nothing could be seen.  Bad sign.

Oh well… we had to proceed on with intentions of finding more fish down lower. The guys met another drifting group who had a stellar day just a few days ago with many fish landed while pulling plugs. We thought we’d be golden… NOT.

Hole after hole, location after location the fish were looking pretty slim and our prospects were becoming more and more bleak.  No problem, as they say in Jamaica.  It was fantastic to meet up with a couple of good guys and enjoy a wonderful fall day with plenty of fresh air and no crowds.

I did land an absolutely beautiful SRC on my pink crystal leech pattern under a strike indicator on the section below Metzler park. At first I thought it was a salmon, but once I saw the flash and determined the size, I knew it was an SRC who greedily engulfed the size 4 fly.  Sourdough (Marc) was able to wrangle a whitefish and we all had some Chum hooked, likely fouled, but never had one ot hand.  Probably a good thing as they were growing some sort of new cheese on their skin.  Frito Lay should name a new snack after these fish: Cheese Puff Chums. 

No regrets here… we all got a healthy dose of vitamin D, met up with a couple of good guys from the board and even picked up a nice SRC.  What more could you ask for?

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