Last day of the year… November 30th, 2010

Today marked the last day of fly fishing on the Stillaguamish river before it moves to gear fishing.  I wasn’t planning on fishing today, but watching the USGS graph creep up got my adrenaline pumping and on the move to the water in search of steel.  I’d need more practice with the switch rod, so thought perhaps I could brush off the skunk from Sundays outing.  It proved to be fruitless for the fishing, but the solitude and the being out on the water was a nice bonus.

When I arrived at the parking spot, I noticed a sign posted by the WDFW on a tree.  The fishing would close period, as of Dec. 1st until the end of January 2011 to allow harvest of steelhead eggs as they had not reached their quota at the Whitehorse hatchery.  I guess this is a good thing, hopefully, and I at least gave it my best shot both; nymphing, and swinging the fly.

With the Stilly closed, I’ll have to spend more time on my local waters exploring some steelhead options in my backyard on the Snoqualmie.  David Powell, here I come!

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