Rivers are blown, don’t go fishing! Dec. 10th, 2010

Thats what the fishing boards were saying and the weatherman was reporting, but I saw it as an opportunity to explore some new water and practice my spey casting and swinging technique. I decided to heed the advice of a member from the WFF.com board and head up to check out some water which was supposedly tougher to blow out and might hold some early winter run fish.

What I found was a nice change of pace, fishing alone, the solitude, no other fisherman, no runs to crowd, no gear guys elbow to elbow, no tempers flaring, no trash littered all over the place.  I can’t recall the last time I truly enjoyed being outside, yes, that happens when I go out, but today I had a different mindset.  To enjoy God’s wilderness and spend some time in reflection and to explore some new water.

The rivers all locally were looking pretty bad, with flows nearing 7000 CFS, it was alot like chocolate milk on the lower Snohomish, and the Snoqualmie was reaching that bad flush from a big dinner of Chili syndrome.

I had some work to finish up this morning as I had to cancel on going to Rocky Ford with Klint D and Marc C., so I wrapped up around 10, and decided to hightail it up for a few hours of fishing.

At least all my gear was now a little more seasoned, so the new equipment jinx wouldn’t be a factor.  Rather than lay out the report, it might be best served through the videos and photos that I took.  Although, I didn’t find steel, I did get into a beautiful Dolly that went for my pink chenille worm pattern that was swung through a particular fishy piece of classic steelhead water.  If there was a steelhead around, I would have caught it.  I bushwhacked through the forest through snow, ice and mud puddles to find the location which I wanted to start my path.

Nice thing about fishing alone is the solitude, not so nice is the solitude… and nobody to take your photo if you catch a fish.  I tried to fumble with my iPhone which trying to land that little beast, it worked ok, but would have rather had someone else capturing the moment.

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