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Cold day, but the fishing wasn’t hot, but lukewarm: 12/26/2010

My buddy Thao wanted to get out with me to visit the spring creek that Jeff and I fished last week.  There was snow in the forecast and cold temps of a high 39 today, but as fisherman, we are defined by our appetite for the tug.  We decided to venture down again and visit our favorite little spring creek for some more winter trout fun on the Chironomid.

With a falling barometer and colder temps it was likely the fishing was going to be slow, and it was compared to last week. I still ended up with a very good day by any standard, landing double digit numbers of fish, but this time the trout were noticeably smaller and less bigger ones were landed.  Even though there was a fairly similar midge and chironomid hatch, there wasn’t as much midging activity and porpoising of the trout and they definitely slowed.

I started out stripping a green and black woolley worm and caught three fish in fairly close succession, Thao was having a little harder time engaging.  I think all his work and no fishing caused his fishing ‘touch’ to turn to mush. Even with his chironomid set up, he was missing strikes and take downs. It was definitely a match the hatch kind of day and the fish were really keen on size 18 rusty nails, chromies and ambers.  They ignored my blood worms and most fish were taken with the indicator at 4-5′ down.

Even though the fishing was slower, we managed to enjoy the glorious sunshine and play a few fish on our 5 wt. rods.

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