Cutt Koke: 2/9/2011

Today was just too nice to stay inside.  I’d met up with a new client this morning and had been prepping the last week for the presentation and felt the need to get out for a couple hours.  I learned alot about the Sammamish fishery in talk to Ed G. at the park yesterday.  He shared with me some tips on where, when, what and how, so I quickly enlisted his advice and geared up with some modifications to my tackle and hit the lake again with dad.

We didn’t get our gear into the water until 3 pm, but the wind was blowing from the west a little chop on the water, but the skies were clear and the sun was shining nicely.  We proceeded to motor out to the weather station near the turn of the lake as it heads to the north from the launch. Down went the gear, the Lamiglass Northwest special with Shakespeare baitcaster reel, put on a Green diamond sling blade type dodger and green wedding ring.  The other no name rod with ultralight trout spin reel and 10 lb test went down with a Blue sling blade and a glow hootchie.  They didn’t seem to care much for the hootchie, so after some time passed, I swapped it out for an old yellow rooster tail and that did the trick.  The wedding ring seemed to outfish the rooster tail, but the action was good.  The depths fished were between 10′ and 15′ feet, pretty shallow with 80′-100′ of line that was out and then clipped to a small trout Scotty release.  Ed G. says that the fish are motor shy and the extra distance is needed in order to attract them as motors put the fish down. The fish all averaged between 14-15″, same went for the Kokanee. Im still searching for that 4 lb cuttie, ha!

In the two hours that we fished we hooked 8 fish, and landed 6 of them and of that, four were retained. To much my surprise, we hooked a kokanee salmon, the landlocked version of the sockeye. It completely freaked out when it got close to the boat, just fighting for its life.  There isn’t retention allowed for the Kokes, but just seeing one was very cool and it was beautiful, chrome markings and green back.

I remember catching Kokanee in Colorado, but at that point they were in the rivers and already colored up.  Even though many of you might think this fishing isn’t very challenging or not have merit, its really good practice for me for when it will really count during salmon season.  I am getting the kinks worked out with the boat, trailer and the electronics.

I will have to upgrade the GPS/Sonar as the unit that came with the boat doesn’t seem to be functioning in the sonar and fish finding capabilities. The SD card with the charts doesn’t work and the unit is really clunky and big.  GPS/Sonars aren’t cheap, and the thought of plunking down $700+ for the Lowrance HD-5 stinks, but its something that needs to be done if I am going to fish salmon effectively.

The trailer also needs a little attention as I’d like to reinforce the front winch brace and replace the strap as well. One can never be too safe when it comes to trailering, and towing. I may try to head out again Friday, but it will depend on work.  These sunny days are just hard to come by in Seattle and there is nothing better than being on the boat with little wind and fishing with your dad.

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