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Paper Cutt: 2/11/2011

I had a busy schedule ahead of me for the weekend and wanted to give Lake Sammamish one more shot before we go to Mexico next week. I feel lucky to have learned a new fishery and to be able to hit it three times last week and all three times connect with fish.  It was a great experience to get to know my boat, motors, accessories and features.  I do have some adjustments and items that will need to be addressed before I am ready to get out again, but at least its a good time to do so prior to salmon season which is just a few months down the road.

I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it out, but made the last minute decision and called up Phil and James K. to join me for some guy time on the water. I’ve asked Phil to write up a little report, but I’ve posted photos for your review.

Phil K:

” I arrived at the boat launch around 11am and Paul had just called informing me he was 10 minutes behind. As I stepped out of my car and walked towards the launch, the weather was cold with no rain and you could tell the sun was doing all it could to burst through the cloud cover. The wind was blustery at times but like someone once told me, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” I had stopped by a local Teriyaki and picked up some food for the 3 of us. I never thought the smell of hot Teriyaki and fishing could go so well together.

Paul arrived at the launch and we threw our gear into the boat. We were on the water fishing by 1130. I have never fished a downrigger set up ever in my life so it was a great learning experience and I can say I am very comfortable with rigging all the gear now. I have to be or Paul won’t take me out on his boat in the summer…We trolled the lake at some designated points that Paul had some good success in but we came up empty handed. We called Ed G. to see if he was having any luck and he gave us some tips to improve our non-existent catch rate. We slowly trolled back to the launch around 1pm to pick Jim up. We were back out and switched from the wedding rings to some rooster tails.

We were fishing about 10-12 feet deep and Paul was up with the first Cutt, a nice 15 inch Cutt to the boat! Things were looking up as we had another take down. Jim was up this time and after fighting the Cutt for a bit, he does what he does best…a long distance release. It was my turn and after eagle eyeing both downriggers, my chance had come. I fought the Cutt to the boat and right as Paul was going to net it, it becomes unbuttoned and swims backs to the dark depths. After much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that might release was the worst and I was the worst fisherman. We ended the day at around 5pm and ended up with 3 Cutts and 5 takedowns. The largest fish of the day was the last, measuring a nice 18″+

It was a great trip with my fishing brothers. Some of us caught fish…others had a great learning experience. Thanks again for the education on downriggers and various fishing techniques. It was a great day to be on the water. Good Food. Good Fishing. Good Company. Good Times.”

One nice thing that Ed shared with me about his shrimp that he graciously shared with us was that he ‘cures’ them for a 1 minute in the microwave to stiffen them up a little so they don’t break off the hook and allow the juices to entice the cutts to strike.  For the most part the action was slow as Ed was on the water by 8 am, and only had 1 fish to hand and 1 on. At 1 pm when we went to pick up Jim the action picked up and he’d boated two more fish.  Maybe Jim was good luck, OR Phil was bad luck… don’t know and can’t elaborate, but we all had a good time. I’ll still have to see if these guys can handle the gear in search of salmon in the sound come July. I packed up and cleaned the boat and covered her up for the next outing. It’ll be a few months before I’m back at it, until then I have some vitamin D therapy that is way overdue in Cabo and by the time Im back the March 1st basin lake opener will have my focus with the hatching eastern WA Chironomids.

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