Cabo: Feb. 17, 2011

We decided that we had enough of the Seattle winter and needed to bust out of town in search of some sun and warm weather. It’d been two years since we visited but things have changed for my wife and I with the birth of our son. Vacations would forever be changed now but the draw of Cabo was too much so we booked our flights and set the date to visit. We would also be joined by my parents as they needed a break and never have been to Mexico.

I was able to contact the guide I’d previously used two years ago and he was available. I just hope the fishing was decent.

Dad and I rose to greet the new day with a fantastic Cabo sunrise. We met Ramon Druck at the dock 3 slip 10a to motor out at 7 am. There was a bad sign in the air since February isn’t te greatest time for fishing in Cabo. The water temp has been hovering around 72 degrees, great by our NW standards but bad for bait. When there isn’t bait around there isn’t much in terms if big fish. We were searching for wahoo, mahi, tuna, Sierra mackerel, and anything that might give us a tug but it ended up being a tough day of searching that ended up with trying to jig up some amberjack.

No amberjack but some other reef fish… Tomorrow we’ll try again for another day of fishing. The full moon last night could have been the culprit or us fishing the Cortez side. Hopefully we can get something to hand on the Pacific where we’d be happy with some Sierra to hand.

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