Run and Gun: March 7th, 2011




After my Lone lake outing on Friday I found out that Thao T. made a solo run to the basin lakes and had a pretty nice haul of several holdover trout in the 8-9″ range and also some nice 15-16″ fish, with one large 25″ 4-5 lbs.

After a survey if the weather we agreed on making a bomber run back out to the scene of the action. We met at my house at 8:30 and busted out over the pass in search if some sun and a tug.

The pass temp was 33 degrees and dry and the traffic was wide open roads. Watch your speeds through Thorp as each time I pass by there the state patrol is usually there to greet those speeders.

Today was a little bit different than other Stillwater outings in that we had no waders, no boat, and no anchors. Since we knew that we’d be pressed for time we decided to fish from the shoreline. I was a bit reserved about fishing without knowing the depth or temp but after my first cast the indicator went down and a nice 14″ silvery trout was landed.

I thought that this might be the makings of a nice day, and it did turn out to be a nice day. Sunny and warm, clear and mostly ice free. Thao said that on Saturday the lake was about half open but the ice was thawing. I think we picked the right day as the lake was 95% ice free.

There wasn’t much of a hatch until about 1:30-2 but even that was a very small 18-20 black midge. It would be more of a bloodworm show. I had tied up some #14 bloods with red holographic rib and red thread body and craft pearlescent bead. Upon throat sampling several fish, we didn’t see much bug life, a few Daphnia, some weeds, grass, but no Chironomids! One even had a large leech that was partly digested. The fish were definitely on the move and looking for food.

Favorite flies were the #16 snowcone, and #16 Chromie under slip indicator using 4 lb Fluro. My trusty 10′ 5 wt. GLX Streamdance and Feathercraft cartridge SLA reel with 5 wt. Orvis wonderline complete the set up. It was nice just carrying some water, my Simms rolltop pack, one fly box with all the Chironomids I could ever use for a month, and a long handled net.

I ended up with 29 hits, and 22 landed, with many of those hits being short strikes and brief hookset with LDRs, smallest was 9″, the largest was 17″ Half the fish were silvery and bright, a third were dark and looked like they were trying to spawn, and the rest were regular Rainbow colored. I commented to Thao that it was a more ‘Organic Experience’ fishing the stillwater without the help of a boat, pontoon or other floating device. If you’re short on time or don’t want to hassle with hauling or setting up a boat, this might be a way to go to get away from the mobs for a quick getaway. I was limited on time, and only fished for 4 hours. Some people might think Im crazy, but I see it as a good therapy.








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