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Munn Lake: March 11th, 2011

I wanted to give Munn another try as it’d been a few weeks since I fished it and thought that I didn’t give it a good shot so Jeff H. and I decided for a few hours of stillwater fishing on the Tumwater lake.  The forecast wasn’t all that great with windy and cloudy skies with 30% chance of rain.  I met Jeff at the lake at 10:30 and we launched and anchored up in 16′ of water along the far south side of the lake.  The flies used were my snowcone bloodworm, size 18 on the bottom and then a black ribbed Chromer on the top. I’d taken my forceps off my rain coat, and didn’t have to way to measure the depth, so I had to guess using my sounder and counting off the approximate depth with my arms. It evidently worked as I had the first fish of the day and skinny rainbow that didn’t have much to give up in terms of throat sample.

It then went dead for me for the next hour while Jeff racked up a few more fish to the net. There was a decent hatch around 11-12:30 and the bugs seen were size 16 blacks and Chromies. I ended up with 5 on, and 3 landed, pretty tough fishing for 4 hours. I can’t blame it on the wind or the flies, but perhaps it was since I couldn’t confidently mark off from the bottom that I wasn’t hooking fish, while Jeff, who was anchored up just a cast away was getting better luck on his giant bloodworm with orange hot head bead.

I did get a nice 16″ Rainbow that fought the hardest and had a good stomach sample which included #18 blacks and Ambers, #14 black, and #16 Chromies with lots of Daphnia as well. I placed the sample in an old McDonalds cup and after a few minutes the nymphs emerged and shucked their skins to spread their wings and float on the top of the water!  These chironomids are the luckiest bugs alive, with a second chance at life… from the trouts mouth where it was certain death to vacuumed out and meant to mate and continue with their offspring. Water temp was 46 degrees, but the trout felt sluggish compared to the Lone counterparts which were much more active even in slightly colder water.

It was good to get out, but still not my Eastern WA beloved lakes… Next edition… Dusty Lake.

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