Pass Lake: March 23rd, 2011

It looked like the weather today was going to be a nice one, so I called up Jeff to plan an outing to fish.  My first plan was to fish Nunnally based on the good reports, but I was on a limited time schedule and it usually takes a bit over 2 hours to get there and then another amount of time to dolly the boats in, so the fishing time would be seriously compromised.

I don’t usually fish Pass lake very much, but March and April are my favorite times as historically it signals the emergence of the big bombers, size 10-12 Chironomids in Olive and Black and catch the trouts attention due to their robust size and high caloric punch they give those Pass fish.

When I arrived at 10 am, I would be greeted with a brisk rush of wind in my face from the east as the wind was blowing consistently and causing some difficulty in rowing. I would meet up with Chuck Gold as well and his friend Jim who were anchored up in 17′ of water at the neck or point from where the rest of the lake turns to the East.

I distanced myself from Chuck and quickly caught up with him as we all looked like a squadron of fighter pilots stratigically positioned.  That we were, lines were tight, fish with hooked, netted and released. Best flies for me were 16 Black Chromie, and my snowcone bloodworm, with the Chromie outfishing the Blood 2:1.  I fished from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm with 15 fish hooked, and of those 11 landed. The planters are very strong and probably pound for pound the best fighting trout I’ve had the opportunity to play this year, they are sized 10-12″, but very fat, silvery, and feisty as all can be, I certainly didn’t expect that size of fish and could have been easily a third larger.

Two of the 11 fish landed were very nice rainbows which measured 18.5″ on my handle scale and the other one pushed 19″. Im not sure if I ever picked up that big of a trout at Pass lake, but it was beautiful to witness such a healthy and well fed example.  The water temp ranged from 48-49 degrees, just perfect for a hatch that seemed to be work from 11-1 and then 3-4:30.

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