Tribute to Yellowlab: R.I.P. 3/18/2011

You lived a long and brave life Maddy! I am going to miss you dearly as you’ve been by my side through the past 17 years.  You would have been 18 in April, probably the longest living Labrador that I’ve heard of making it to those late teen years. You were a rambunctious pup causing all sorts of ruckus when you first got spayed, you just couldn’t sit still and caused a seroma in your surgical wound, infecting it and having to go back in for another vet visit. But you grew up strong and loved to run, swim, hike, bike alongside me and fish, gosh you loved to fish!

You would instinctively know when my reel was singing that a fish was on the end of the line. I also lost many fish as you wanted to help land them. We put alot of miles on the pavement: CO, WY, UT, MT, ID, OR, CA… dog you been to alot more places than the average person. I’ll miss you dearly, the day after, I was looking for you in your normal place of slumber, but its was different, no Maddy, no big brown eyes.

Thanks for being a friend and my comfort when I was lonely and down, you always cheered me up and was there for me through the worst times and the best times. As I cleaned through the old photos, I found some that best serves as memory to your life. You will be missed Maddy, but not forgotten! Rest In Peace girl!

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4 thoughts on “Tribute to Yellowlab: R.I.P. 3/18/2011

  1. Paul Chu

    I heard about your loss on WFF. Sorry to hear about your beautiful dog. I hope you find some comfort in spring fishing. I know it won’t be the same without your best friend.

    Best wishes.


  2. doug patterson

    I also saw your post on wff, really enjoyed looking at pics of Madi. I have been there a couple times myself, had just changed my avatar to pics of my rescue labs the night before you posted. They are not my beloved Beattle Bayely of fourteen years but I love them just as much. Pics of you and Madi brought a tear to my eye though I never met either of you.Best wishes Doug

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