A couple of April Fools! 4/1/2011

It was a little pre-funk for me as I am gearing up for my trip to Coffeepot and Amber lakes for spring break. I’d be chatting with Phil K. who was itching to get out and he informed me of the recent plants on Beaver this past week so we both agreed it would be a good day to get out and fish for a few hours. Phil is getting into fly fishing more and more and enjoyed the last outing together at Quincy lake.

This time I wanted Phil to fish from a floating device, despite his bad experience with small boats and canoes. I have a 6′ Bucks Bag pontoon boat that was a perfect craft to get him on the water, and being a safe and stable platform to cast and fish.  Maybe it will help him grow to be a big strong fish and twart danger in the future, or not. We stopped off at Chipotle and did a little gobbling ourselves on soe big burritos.

We were the only ones on the water, and I thought it was odd since its usually more crowded at Beaver, but we weren’t alone as there was a flock of Cormorants maybe 8-10 of them in the big Alder opposite the boat launch.  You could tell that a lake is just planted by the fat birds that have been feasting on the half pound trout. I even caught one fish with fresh wound marks from the sharp beaks of one of these fish eating birds.  I am guessing he probably had a bad day and was on his 3rd lifeline, surviving a Cormorant attack and then to be ripped in the lip thereafter.

Water temp was 49 degree and a good Chironomid hatch was happening when we got to the launch. There were many size 16-18 shucks on the surface and creamy grey and brown adults sputtered around despite the rain that constantly poured down on us while we anchored and fished in 12-15′ of water. Effective patterns were snowcone bloodworm, and snowcone Chromie size 16 under a slip indicator.

It was even better fishing since we both used 3 weight rods in 7 and 8′ lengths, you can see that even a small fish can put a nice bend into that little 3 weight, makes it alot more sporting and fun.  I used my 8′ Classic GLX, and I have Phil one of the very first rods I purchased a Cortland GRF1000 7′ 3/4 wt.  After this outing, I think Phil is definitely ‘hooked’!

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