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Pot O’ Gold: April 3rd, 2011

The day had come when our spring break would take us to far away and exciting new locations. We had all the gear prepped and packed and the food and logistics worked out. Jeff was supposed to meet me at 6:30 at my house and we’d load up the prams and camping gear and be on the road by 7 am. 6:37… I get a text; ‘can’t find cat’.

Ok I reply, then the call at 7:15. Ugh I’m on the way. 7:45, the cat doesn’t want to come in. I asked whats the deal, he said forget the cat, let’s go fishing. Once we loaded up and pulled to the edge of the driveway, he wasn’t feeling too good so we went back to his house.

Long storey but we didn’t get in the road til 8:30. The pass was wet an signs of snow the night before with the pass temp at 33 degrees. Lake Keechelus had areas where the ice is melting and the edges are showing some clear water.

We finally rolled into Coffeepot Lake around noon and found another group of guys that just got into the lake and were already catching fish right off the boat launch.

I thought to myself that this is going to be good, reaaaal good! This made all the prepping to go much quicker as we had to assemble our rods and boats and get on the water ASAP!

The water temp registered at 49 degrees and the north end of the lake isn’t very deep with 5′ going to 16′ in the lowest part of the bowl.

Fellow WFF member Tyler Speir was on the water and every time we were looking over while setting up his line was tight and fish was on. Each time we saw no small fish just chunky and strong rainbow trout.

We focused on fishing the edges as the wind was at our backs all day. One interesting finding was that there is a wild and naturally reproducing population of trout at coffeepot lake that spawn in lake creek to the north and we did see the creek inlet as it fed this channel lake.

We caught fish under the indicator but interestingly not on the strip using floating and full sink lines. Throat samples revealed 16 an 18 chromers and size 20 blood and olive worms, and daphnia.

Jeff picked up a nice leech in his sampling and I thought that fishing a leech pattern would be effective but it’s hard to switch when the fishing is hot.

Deep bodied and strong fighting trout that took long runs and some spectacular jumps. The afternoon bite was good with the best activity from 12:00 to 2 and we caught no fish smaller than 16″, with the largest that pushed 22″.

Once 2pm hit it was like a light switch went off and the fishing slowed.

I landed 6 fish in the 4 hours that we fished as we had to set up camp and get a late lunch. Jeff did about the same and Tyler was gone by the time we made it back to the car. Looks like he landed in the range of 10-12 fish.

Tomorrow will be another day…

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