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Nunnally Lake: April 15th, 2011

I needed a little sun so decided to head out for a day trip to Nunnally, the weather report was calling for highs of 58, partly sunny and little wind. So much for weather reports… it was more like windy with up to 10 mph winds from the west and drizzly rain all day long. That would normally be ok for the fishing, but one mistake, no rain pants or rain boots. It was a cold and miserable day even though I had my raincoat, and was just wearing my cotton pants.

Water temp ranged between 52-53 degrees and I fished in 10-15′ of water.  I hadn’t fished Nunnally since April 7th of 2009, and had a wonderful outing with 27 fish landed. So, I was expecting a repeat of that trip, however it was tough fishing. While there were some Chironomids coming off, they were very small, size 18-20 and the trout were focused on the emergers, plucking the shucking adults. I started out deep, and then adjusted water depths and locations without a hookup. The water clarity was quite good with 12-15′, the best I’ve seen at the lake, so Im not sure if the fish were spooky or just finicky. I finally just anchored up in 15′ of water on the edge of a dropoff between 10-12′ to the deeper greener water.  My indicator was set at 14′ feet and I started getting some violent take downs. The first fish I landed was a nice 16″ Tiger trout, I sampled the throat, but no Chironomids! I missed many strikes, but after seeing Jeff boat his first fish a nice 3″ spiny ray I concluded that those must have been sunfish that were teasing my size 18 Chirons.

Final count was 19 takedowns with 13 fish landed, I caught mostly Tiger trout, with only 3 of those fish being Rainbows. All fish were caught on size 18 bloodworms and Chromers. I did switch up to a full sink and olive and black rabbit fur zonker and caught two rainbows i the deeper water. Jeff on the otherhand had a tough time getting the party started with two fish landed, but one was a nice 19″ Tiger, his first.

I would like another try at Nunnally once the Chironomid hatches are more pronounced and on a sunnier, warmer day. Also, I’ll always be prepared with my full rain gear and warm clothes, even if the weather report doesn’t dictate. Lessoned learned!

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